A group of divers underwater in the Red Sea

Diving & Snorkelling

Take the plunge and explore the underwater world with on the go, from the warm waters of the Red Sea, teeming with fish and brightly coloured coral to the icy depths of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica, with seals, penguins and icebergs!

People have always been fascinated by our oceans and what lies beneath, and as long ago as 5000 years ago ancient divers used hollow reeds to allow them to breathe while submerged in water. In the time of Alexander the Great, the first diving bell was invented that allowed divers to take breaths without returning to the surface, however mobility was very limited.

Thankfully today we have highly sophisticated Scuba equipment that allows the intrepid to see some of the myriad of creatures in the sea. If you’ve not dived before take a look at our brilliant learn to dive packages in the beautiful Red Sea. For more experienced divers we offer a fantastic trip to Antarctica for a once in a lifetime dive adventure. If you’d like to explore an underwater world of canyons, caves and crabs take a look at our Classic Trans-Siberian trips that visit Lake Baikal in Irkutsk.

Don’t fancy diving? We have some wonderful snorkelling spots from the turquoise coast of Turkey or the lush islands of Croatia, to the animal paradise of the Galapagos Islands in South America and the fish laden beauty of Zanzibar. Vietnam also offers some wonderful opportunities to dive or snorkel in the turquoise depths of South China Sea. See below for some of the best tours and places to snorkel and dive.

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