Africa Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my holiday?

If planning to travel between July and November and during January or if your plans coincide with Christmas, Easter or school holidays we recommend booking as early as possible. Our expedition departures during these times prove to be very popular. Flight availability is also sought after, so book your flights to Africa soon.

Are your overland camping safaris suitable for single travellers?

Yes! We take lots of single travellers to Africa, and the great thing about our trips is that you are in a group so you will always have plenty of company, and the shared experience is a great way to form some lasting friendships. We match solo travellers up in a tent with another group member of the same sex so there is no single supplement to pay on our camping overland safaris. On our Lodge Safaris a compulsory single supplement applies if you're travelling solo, giving you the privacy and comfort of your own room throughout the trip.

Is there an upper age limit on your group tours?

Given the nature of African safaris, we are unable to accept travellers aged 80 or above. Our overland camping safaris are active so you need to have a reasonable level of fitness and be active to enjoy the trip. For more mature travellers we highly recommend our Lodge Accommodated Safaris which provides a much higher level of comfort than our Overland Camping Safaris.

On our Overland Camping Safaris you will be required to put up & take down your own tent each day, help out with cooking & cleaning duties and you will experience long and often bumpy journeys. You will also need to be able to climb the ladder steps to get on & off the overland trucks. Passengers over 60 years are required to have a medical certificate and complete a Fit To Travel form before the booking can be confirmed.

Do I have to put up my own tent and what are the campsites like?

Yes our Overland Camping Safaris require some participation and you and your tent mate will need to put up and take down your own tent. The tents we use are spacious, easy to assemble, 2 person dome tents with sewn in ground sheets. You will also be required to help out the cook with cooking & cleaning duties and do security. Participation trips allow you to have a hands on experience which maximises the enjoyment of the camping experience whilst keeping the costs low.

Campsites range from well-established camps with an array of facilities that sometimes includes a bar, mini-mart or even a pool to more basic camps with few facilities. Dependent upon our day-to-day itinerary, at times we may also bush camp, with no facilities aside from the occasional drop toilet and no fences to separate us from the wildlife. Bush camping is a very fun experience and allows us to really be at one with nature.

What will the group profile be?

The average age on our Overland Camping Safaris is 25 - 45 years, however we welcome any adventurous travellers who are keen to explore with us! You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness, enjoy camping and have a good sense of adventure. Our overland expedition trucks are designed to comfortably seat up to 30-33 passengers. Our overland trips attract a varied mix of solo travellers, couples and groups friends. The group size is dependent upon season or time of the year and the expedition itself. As our Overland Camping Safaris are modular, new travellers will join the group at different points along the way which means that there are plenty of opportunity to make new friends!

Our lodge safaris have a maximum group size of 15 (or lower on many trips) so they are a more intimate affair. The average age of travellers on our Lodge Accommodated Safaris is between 40 - 50, although younger travellers do join our groups as well and we often welcome families.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag is essential for participation on our Overland Camping Expeditions. Sleeping bags compact and roll up into a stuff bag. Note - if trekking up Mt Kili, you’ll need a well-insulated 3 season bag which should be able to fit in your duffel bag. We also recommend that you bring a camping pillow.

On all of our camping expeditions (except the Mt Kilimanjaro climb) we provide a roll mat so you don't need to bring one.

On our Kilimajaro Climb you will need to bring your own roll mat in addition to a sleeping bag. We recommend you bring a compressed foam carry/roll-up mat, as these are a relatively soft option and provide good insulation on damp ground. Inflatable and amazingly compact bed mats better known as thermarests are now stocked in good outdoor specialist shops. Use of these will afford great comfort, but are more expensive than the compressed foam carry/roll-up mats. On the Kilimanjaro Climb sleeping bags with a liner, foam roll mats and walking sticks can be hired but these must be pre booked and paid for in advance to ensure availability.

Do I need specialist insurance for your Climb Kili trip?

You do not need specialist insurance, but most policies will only cover trekking up to 2000m as standard and there is often a supplement to increase the level of cover. Please check the policy details carefully because it is essential that you are fully insured. on the go can recommend a company that provides comprehensive travel insurance with the suitable level of cover, please contact our reservations team for details.

Can children travel on your African safaris?

On our Lodge Safaris, we accept children aged 12 and over on a request basis, as some lodges have restrictions regarding children. Certain exceptions apply as not all lodges accept children and not all activities are suitable for children. It is also possible to travel with children as young as 9 on certain safaris. Please contact us for further information and let us know the age of your children.

Our Overland Camping Safaris are suitable for travellers that are 18 or over. However, we do have a small selection of family friendly overland departures which are suitable for children aged 6 - 17. On these trips parents must be aware that independent travellers ages 18 and over will also frequent these trips, they are not solely for families.

In addition our Private Journeys and Tailor-made Holidays cater for families, although please be aware that some lodges will not accept children under 12 and safaris are really not suitable for children under the age of 8.

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