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German influence on the architecture in Swakopmund


Founded in 1892 during the German colonial rule, the distinct colonial character has been well preserved. Swakopmund has several excellent ...

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Kisii is surrounded by green hills and is mainly an agricultural town. It is a good gateway to many of the national parks - Ruma National Park in Lambwe, South Nyanza is about 3 hours drive from the town, Masai Mara National Park is also accessible from the town via Kisii-Kilgoris road, Sirare border town Tanzania which is about 3 hours drive from the town.

Kisii was originally known by the Gusii community as 'Bosongo'. It is believed to have originated from 'Abasongo' (to mean the White people) who lived in the town during the colonial times. The town was originally established by British soldiers who were being forced to retreat from Lake Victoria by heavy gunfire from German soldiers' gunboats during the Great War in the early 20th Century.

The soapstone carvings of Tabaka centre is only 20 kilometres away and you can buy a wide range of sizes and designs in soapstone quite cheaply.

Not far from Kisii is the Chagaik Dam, which is covered in water lilies. Bamboo grows abundantly around the edges. Many tropical and sub-tropical trees surrounded by well-tended lawns running down to the water.

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