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Mombasa on the east coast of Kenya, has pristine white sandy beaches and the warm waters of the India Ocean. Diana beach is the most popular, with a range of watersports, but Tiwi beach south of Mombasa is a much quieter beach.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Mombasa offers a diverse cultural history. The city traces many of its cultural traditions to former Portuguese, Arab and British settlers – all of which have left a lasting influence on the City’s food, architecture, and people.

There is a range of languages spoken and a range of cuisine as well, traditional Kenya dishes as well as Indian, Chinese and Italian. Seafood is high on the menu, with an abundance of fresh fish readily available.

Sightseeing in Mombasa includes Fort Jesus, which displays artifacts from when Mombasa was a transit port for the slave trade. There are torture rooms, cells, and many other displays from the 16th century. The Bombolulu Workshops was founded in 1969 and is a Project of the Association for the Physically Disables in Kenya (APDK). This centre has 150 disabled employees who create jewelry, textiles, wood and leather crafts. The Mombasa tusks were built in 1952 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth\'s visit to Mombasa town. They are located at the entrance to the city, they are not made of ivory as is sometimes thought, but in steel.

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