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Oudtshoorn is a town in the Western Cape province in South Africa. With 80,336 inhabitants it is the largest town in the Little Karoo region. The town is home to the world\'s largest Ostrich population with a number of specialized ostrich breeding farms. Ostrich feathers had become extremely popular as fashion accessories in Europe and between 1875 and 1880 ostrich prices reached up to GBP 1,000 a pair, which started the ostrich farms in Oudtshoorn.

The area in which Oudtshoorn is situated was originally inhabited by the Bushmen, as evidenced by the many rock paintings that are found in caves throughout the surrounding Swartberg mountains. The first European explorers of the area were guided there by a Griqua via an ancient elephant trail in January 1689. The expedition reached as far as present-day Aberdeen before turning back and exiting the Klein Karoo valley through Attaquas Kloof. However, it was only a hundred years later that the first farmers started settling in the region.

Almost 30 kilometres outside of Outshoorn in the Klein Karoo, lie the Cango Caves, some of the biggest stalagmite formations in the world set in Precambrian (a time about 4500 million years ago) limestone. The Cango Caves are a series of dripstone caverns that open into vast halls of towering stalagmite formations and the tunnels and chambers stretch for over 4 kilometres. The area is also known for producing some lovely wines; however, despite the region being large, the amount of wine that is produced is small in comparison.

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