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Ranomafana National Park was created in 1991, after the golden bamboo lemur was discovered there in 1986. Located 445 kilometres south of Antananarivo and 65 kilometres east of Fianarantsoa, this beautiful reserve protects a humid rainforest that is teeming with a vast array of wildlife. In addition to the golden bamboo lemur, other lemur species include the greater bamboo lemur, the red-bellied lemur, the grey bamboo lemur, Milne-Edwards sifaka, the red fronted brown lemur, the sportive lemur, the black-and-white ruffed lemur, the greater dwarf lemur, and the brown mouse lemur. Ranomafana also hosts the fanaloka, the eastern ring-tailed mongoose, the red forest rat, the eastern avahi, and ring-tailed mongoose. Present but hard to see are fosa and the aquatic tenrec.

Many reptile and frog species can be found at Ranomafana, including Parson’s chameleon, Madagascar tree boa, three leaf-tailed geckos, the day gecko Phelsuma quadriocellata (common) and numerous frogs. The National Park of Ranomafana is arguably the best Malagasy rainforest for birding, hosting blue coua, red-fronted coua, Pollen’s vanga, Tylas, velvet asity, sunbird asity, pitta-like ground roller, scaly ground roller, short-legged ground roller, rufous-headed gound roller, brown mesite, Henst’s goshawk, Madagascar flufftail, slender-billed flufftail, forest rock-thrush, collared nightjar, common jery, green jery.

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