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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Africa. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

I just returned back from this tour in August 2015 and think it was fantastic.

There was a great mix of safari, beach and more safaris! It was a great way to see some animals, chill out at the beach and then head back inland and see more animals. It was great to finish up at Victoria Falls and spend some extra time there.

Our guide made us feel very welcome and was very knowledgeable about the areas we visited. He went out of his way to ensure everyone was kept happy on our tour and was adaptable and flexible to the group. Our driver was also fantastic and ensured we got to our places on time and safely. Our cook was also great and did a good job to mix up the food and ensure we were all kept extremely full! Overall the three of them made sure we were happy and safe and all took the time out to talk to us about their homelands and growing up in Africa which was a highlight.

There was ample opportunity to upgrade along the way, although the company provides sleeping mats so the camping is fine and comfy.

There was a stack of optional extras which are all worthwhile doing, especially at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe and in Vic Falls.

Overall this tour is really great value for money and is a great way to see some of Africa ”  

Kara • Submitted 22 Sep 2015
Wildlife Beach & Falls
15 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

It was a good trip overall. Sometimes could have used more info about what hikes etc. would be like so we could prepare better ahead of time. The tour guide added some extras that she thought the group might like and the animals were great.”  

Brett Siborne • Submitted 8 Sep 2015
Cape Town- Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours
World in One Country
20 days Day | Lodge accommodated safaris

All was perfect. Moffat was VERY knowledgeable throughout, spottet animals where noone would have dared to look. And a very skilled driver. No burst tyre, I don't know how, that is a skill of its own to drive over stones and through holes while keeping the car intact. ”  

Will Beck • Submitted 7 Sep 2015
Tailor Made
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