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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Africa. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

The tour was amazing, the updated accommodation just past the South African border was incredible, however the late arrival made it rushed. I would highly recommend the tour was extended by a night to give travelers a full night to enjoy the local festivities, hiking availability and to even perhaps volunteer at a local school.

Our tour guide was lovely. Our chef and driver were both lovely (Monga and Johannas) and happy to share stories/help with tents (we had a single traveler on the trip and they always made sure she was getting help when she needed it). Definitely the highlight of the trip was the Delta Okavango.

Also, I believe the tour would have benefited from increasing the community insight provided, even if we shopped at more street-stalls for snacks or had the chance to go to a church over easter... we saw so many animals and were so spoiled for natural experiences, I came home feeling a little guilty for not being more culturally aware after my trip. ”  

Rebecca Stefanides • Apr 2015
Rebecca Stefanides • Falls to Jo'burg - 12 days
Victoria Falls | Zimbabwe & Zambia | Africa
Falls to Jo'burg
12 days Day | Overland Safaris Southern Africa

The tour was great and the tour guide was excellent, so was the cook and driver, very friendly and helpful guides. The only thing that needs to be said is that when you go to zimbabwe you must have us dollars no one we came across would accept south african rand as was stated in tour notes, also for the ockavanga delta it needs to said that you need camoflague clothing and be able to walk for at least 6 hours straight at a time.”  

Lynette Cowell • Apr 2015
Lynette Cowell • Falls to Jo'burg - 12 days
Victoria Falls | Zimbabwe & Zambia | Africa
Falls to Jo'burg
12 days Day | Overland Safaris Southern Africa

Overall, I really enjoyed this tour. The itinerary was really well planned and I thought we spent enough time in all places. I really liked having two days specifically devoted to game driving and I also really enjoyed going out to Zanzibar for the end of our tour to have a 'holiday' after our adventure.

Whilst I really liked the itinerary and the way it was set out, I think either the itinerary description in the On The Go Brochure or the trip notes could have been more descriptive so passengers had a better idea of what to expect out of their tour and how to be better prepared.

An example of this is money. I was really uncomfortable with carrying large amounts of US dollars during the trip. Because of feeling so uncomfortable and wanting to be safe than sorry, I only brought enough cash to cover the pre-accommodation in Nairobi, the local payment and other incidentals to get my by until I was able to get the local currency. No where in the trip notes or the itinerary description in the book mentioned that all excursion payments had to be in US dollars as well as most accommodation options in Africa or that the ability to access ATMs throughout the trip would be incredibly limited. I found it really hard to access money and be able to pay for things at a reasonable currency rate.

The accommodation options were overall really good. The only place that I really did not like and could not understand why we needed to stay two nights there would be Snake Park in Arusha. It is so far out of town and the facilities are less than ideal. I understood from the very beginning that this was camping and to not have very high expectations, however this campsite had absolutely nothing going for it. We spent a full day there whilst waiting for our Serengeti tour to start. Whilst I would not have a problem with this is the campsite was closer to town and we were able to access a grocery store to stock up on water (for the excursion) and snacks and access wifi to connect back home, we were basically stuck in a dirt paddock with nothing to do but wait. The next place we stayed, only 45 minutes down the road and closer to the Crater and Serengeti, The Flamingo Lodge was above average and was probably the best campsite we stayed. We actually camped on grass, had excellent facilities and it also had Wifi. Everything else was excellent.

I really liked having the flexibility of doing our own thing in Zanzibar at the end of the tour and decided where we wanted to stay. We ended up staying with everyone else and staying one night in Stone Town and the other two up north on the beach. Having spoken to the other guys on our tour, they felt the same way in regards to this, but did mention that they would rather have the other excursions (Serengeti & Crater tour, Gorillas etc) included in the overall payment, or have the option to prepay these as they felt really uncomfortable carrying that much money around as well. I understand that a huge selling point is having lower tour costs and giving people the flexibility of choosing whether to do these which is awesome, but perhaps if you gave people the option to prepay these tours if they wanted or if they still wanted to decide to pay whilst on tour.

The service of the driver and cook (Joseph & Steven) was amazing, they made me feel 100% confident in their abilities and also in regards to security of the group and their belongings and hygiene around cooking and cleaning. The truck broke down a couple of times and Steven the driver was an exception mechanic!! We completely broke down once and had to get a taxi to pick us up. He had the parts ordered from Nairobi to be delivered the next day before we had set our tents up for the night. Joseph (the cook) was excellent and always had something different for us to eat and the meals were healthy!

I would absolutely travel with On The Go again and am looking at going back to Africa again and am not going to bother looking at other companies to book through. I would not hesitate at all to recommend On the Go to any of my current and future clients when travelling to Africa and can't wait to use them again around the Globe. The booking process was excellent, nice and easy and dealing with different wholesalers every day, it was refreshing to find this process such an easy experience! A huge thank you to Rachna for answering my endless questions and also to my amazing Rep from On The Go - Lena for giving me the opportunity to travel with this company!! Please pass on my feedback to both of them and they should receive recognition for going above and beyond in terms of service! ”  

Sophie Fleming • Mar 2015
Sophie Fleming • Zebras & Zanzibar - 11 days
Nungwi Beach | Zanzibar | Africa
Zebras & Zanzibar
11 days Day | Overland Safaris East Africa
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