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In the southwest of Madagascar, 29km north of Tulear, you can find Ifaty.
It is popular for its huge variety of birds and its good possibilities to see even endemic species. But there is lot more to see. Ifaty has a fascinating flora with bloated trees and plants and spiny, drought resistant trees. Furthermore you can explore the underwater world with its magnificent offshore reefs or watch whales in season.

Several Vezo villages form Ifaty. The coral reef extends nearly 100 kms in length. It is an uninterrupted barrier which limits the large waves. It is easily accessible and is a colourful and varied reef. In addition to diving in the coral reef, one can also carry out a diving in the lagoon of Ranobe, which is also an exceptional site for fishing.

Ifaty’s other main attraction is the spiny forest, a unique habitat adapted to the heat and drought, and one that is severely threatened by deforestation coupled with the delays in creating a much-needed national park in the area. Birders will find the forest particularly rewarding. Early morning walks offer the best chance of seeing locally endemic species such as the Long-tailed ground roller and Sub-desert mesite. You may also see reptiles and nocturnal lemurs such as white-foot sportive asleep in the trees.

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