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Here are some reviews from our past travellers on ANZAC Day tours. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

It's been amazing! Very tiring but worth it.

The Dawn Service was surreal! At dawn it was cold & eerie. 12,500 people in total silence, all you could hear was the ripple of the waves lapping against the shore.

We could feel the presence of thousands of souls! I cried a lot, all of us were in awe of what this place means! So sad! Also to be in another country with so many Aussies & Kiwis was unique.

Our on the go tour guide was amazing! From what we heard from other buses, Emrah went above & beyond for us & introduced us to many unique aspects of his country. We have fallen in love with Turkey. ”  

Kerrie Burkett • Submitted 6 May 2015
Royal Engineers
8 days Day |

The tour was as described, lively and on the go. We saw some great sights and in general the hotels were pretty nice except one where the rooms were crappy and had sensors on the taps in the bathroom of all things. There was also no hot water. The bus was good and the driver very steady and skilful and gave confidence in his direction and driving.

Canbulat or John as we called him was a pleasant surprise , knowledgable and very easy to understand with an excellent command of English. He took us around and got us places with good timing avoiding the worst of the crowds and allowing us time without compromising the schedule. At the end of the tour I was more than pleased to tell him on behalf of all of us on the tour that he had helped make our trip an unforgettable experience . He said it was also a tour he would never forget and there would never be a 100 year celebration of the Galipoli landing again and he was right. There never will be and I am glad he was the tour guide for T group.”  

Barbara Thompson • Submitted 5 May 2015
Anzac Smoko
8 days Day |

The Tour (group C) was fantastic and the Tour guide was very knowledgable and gave us a great insight into Turkish Culture. It would of been great if some of our included dinners could be away from the hotel as this made us stay at the hotel and gave us very little time to explore the surrounding areas. Pamakule was also a stop that should not have a night stay just a day trip only. The hotel there was not up to standard of all the other hotels. The bus and the small group size was good as it was more comfortable. Would definitely recommend On the Go to people in the future.”  

Lisa Cunningham • Submitted 5 May 2015
Anzac Cobber
14 days Day |
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