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A memorial to the fallen at El Alamein in Northern Egypt

El Alamein

Pay your respects to the British and Commonwealth soldiers who gave their lives fighting in the battles of El Alamein during the Second World War. See poignant battlefields, explore an enlightening military museum, and visit the war graves where many of the soldiers now lay at rest. Take this opportunity to also see the highlights of Egypt, from the Mediterraean coast of Alexandria to bustling Cairo and the iconic Pyramids of Giza.



Commemorate the battle of El Alamein where two extended battles were fought during World War II. The first began on the 1st July 1942 and lasted for 27 days, it ended as a stalemate. After 3 months of holding the defences the Allies launched a second attack which lasted for 13 days. This saw the Allied forces (including British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers) push back the Axis powers for ultimate defeat in Tunisia. Some 13,000 Allied soldiers were killed and 70,000 were wounded in the battle.