Lone Pine Memorial

Tours to Gallipoli in 2015

If you are looking to see the magnificent country of Turkey and have an interest in the battlefields of Gallipoli we have a tour for you. Commemorate the end of World War I with our 10 day Remembrance Day tour, or take the opportunity to visit Turkey during the year of the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in 2015 by jumping on one of our Centenary tours, Lone Pine Express - 8 days or the Battle of Lone Pine - 11 days, and timed to be in Gallipoli exactly 100 years on since the August push, when some of the most bloody fighting and trench warfare took place.

Gallipoli & Troy

Head away on a short break with a Pay your...
4 days from USD $869

Lone Pine Express

Join us in commemorating the 100th of the...
8 days from USD $2,299

Battle of Lone Pine

Pay your respects to the soldiers who gave...
11 days from USD $2,899

Cappadocia to the Cove

From Istanbul, head east to surreal before...
11 days from USD $2,599

Remembrance Day Turkey

This exciting classical tour of Turkey 4 -...
10 days from USD $1,999


The Gallipoli Peninsula holds a special place in Australians' and New Zealanders' hearts as the birth place of the ANZAC legend, where the nations of Australia and New Zealand stepped out from the shadow of their motherland, Britain. Despite losing far more souls on the battlefields of the Western Front, ANZAC Cove is where the Aussie and Kiwi spirit was born as they fought alongside each other in what turned out to be one of the biggest catastrophes for the Allies during World War I. The only truly successful part of the whole campaign being the retreat less than 9 months after the bloody landings and the efforts to take the Dardanelles and open a supply route through to the Black Sea were abandoned.


We are also ANZAC Day experts having run tours to the cove for the past 14 years, to see our ANZAC Day tours click here. Or if you are interested in being part of the 2015 ANZAC Day commemorations we have a good choice of tours for you.



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