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The symbol of Cambodia and a staggering example of Khmer genius, the temples of Angkor have to be seen to be believed. Easily the largest religious monument in the world covering a rectangular area of 1000 square kilometres, it could be forgiven for thinking that the Angkor Temple Complex is a small city and hours could be swallowed exploring the incredible galleries, grand towers and extensive walls displaying impressive bas reliefs. Dedicated to the gods and representing heaven on earth, the temple complex is the heart and soul of Cambodia, featuring centre place on the national flag, and is by far the country's most visited site. Witness the morning mists cloak the iconic five spires of Angkor Wat – the site’s most iconic temple, or watch as the sun softly sets to reveal its stunning silhouette - whatever time of day you visit, you'll find it hard not to be enchanted. Other key sites in the Angkor Temple Complex include jungle submerged Ta Prohm Temple and the Bayon Temple with its giant stone carved faces. A minimum of 2-3 full days is recommended to visit the main ruins of the fabled Angkor complex.

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Angkor Wat Tours

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