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Once a simple agricultural town, the charming La Fortuna now serves as a thriving centre of tourism thanks to its incredible position at the foot of the 1633m-tall Arenal Volcano. As one of the most active volcanoes in the whole of the Americas, on a clear day Arenal can put on a spectacular show as glowing lava spews down from the crater. Even when it's obscured by cloud the volcano's presence can be heard with its constant rumblings and splutterings though even without this show-stopping attraction, the town of La Fortuna is a relaxing enough place to while away a few days.

Surrounded by cascading waterfalls including the dramatically scenic La Catarata de La Fortuna, and luxurious hot springs with views out across to the volcanic peak, La Fortuna has even more to offer visitors. The hot springs are fed by the magma-boiled underground thermal rivers and so are naturally rich in minerals. Northwest of town forest hikes and zip-line tours are available whilst the Laguna de Arenal means that canoeing is possible with connecting rivers offering white-water rafting besides. For those who prefer a more sedate pace, cable cars through the forests provide incredible views of the surroundings whilst horse-riding options include leisurely tours around the lake and forests around the volcano.

For those with time on their hands the Venado Caves 30km northwest of La Fortuna offer an accessible network of subterranean caverns where bats roost and smooth rock formations create eerie shapes in the dark.

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