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Beautiful scenery, bustling cities, delicious cuisine and more than 5,000 years of rich cultural heritage await on your holiday in China. Climb the magnificent Great Wall, discover Xi'an’s massive terracotta army, explore ancient temples and pagodas, give your taste buds a treat and immerse yourself in China's unique culture and traditions. Beyond the great metropolises of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, other must-see's in China include imperial Chengde, the huge Buddhist sculptures in the cave temples at Datong and the enchanting Bai town of Dali.

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Top China Travel Deals and Upcoming Trips

Gateway to Tibet - 11 days Map 26 Mar 2016
15% off
Gateway to Tibet - 11 days
Beijing to Lhasa
USD $2,762
was $3,249
View trip >
Beyond the City Walls - 12 days Map 09 Apr 2016
15% off
Beyond the City Walls - 12 days
Beijing to Shanghai
USD $3,059
was $3,599
View trip >
Great Wall & Warriors - 9 days Map 23 Apr 2016
15% off
Great Wall & Warriors - 9 days
Beijing to Shanghai
USD $1,844
was $2,169
View trip >
Chinese Checkers - 11 days Map 30 Apr 2016
15% off
Chinese Checkers - 11 days
Beijing to Shanghai
USD $2,107
was $2,479
View trip >
China Express - 7 days Map 21 May 2016
15% off
China Express - 7 days
Starts/Ends: Beijing
USD $1,640
was $1,929
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Fun in Fine China!
From rickshaws in the Hutongs to Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven

Our trips to China are packed with lots of fun local experiences - weave your way on a rickshaw through the Hutongs of Beijing, do a bit of tea tasting, cook up a traditional Chinese hotpot, meet the Yau ethnic minority group along the Dragon's Back Bone, join a sunrise class of Tai Chi at Beijing's Temple of Heaven or jump on a segway and race around Beijing's Olympic stadium.

China Group Tours

Our fun and informative group tours are perfect for first-time visitors with the services of qualified English-speaking local guides, plenty of sightseeing covering China's main highlights and enough free time for you to explore too. With the Great Wall topping most travellers' wish lists in China, closely followed by the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, we've ensured that all our China group tours include these two incredible sites. read more

China Express

7 days | FROM USD $1,699

Explore the Forbidden City, climb The Great Wall at Badaling and Pass...

Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Warriors & Dragons

8 days | FROM USD $1,799

FAMILY TOUR TO CHINA: Take your little warriors on a Chinese Climb the...

Great Wall & Warriors

9 days | FROM USD $1,989

Beijing, two parts of the Great Wall, Xi’an, Shanghai and Suzhou. -...

Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

China For Teens

9 days | FROM USD $1,989

FAMILY TOUR TO CHINA (for children aged 12 years and above): Climb the...

Chengdu Pandas | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Great Wall & Pandas

11 Days | FROM USD $3,699

Head south from Beijing's Forbidden City and the Great Wall of and to...

Gateway to Tibet

11 days | FROM USD $3,469

Exploring Beijing’s grand Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the -...

Chinese Checkers

11 days | FROM USD $2,349

A complete checker board of history, culture, sights & experiences. -...

Beyond the City Walls

12 days | FROM USD $3,429

Take the road less travelled from bustling Beijing to cosmopolitan the...

View of the city | Hong Kong | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Hutongs to Hong Kong

13 days | FROM USD $3,099

Take a rickshaw through Beijing’s happening hutongs and climb the at...

Lijiang River | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Fine China

13 days | FROM USD $3,339

Climb the Great Wall for sunrise and enter the Forbidden City, explore...

Canals of Suzhou | China	Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Mandarin Sunrise

15 days | FROM USD $2,999

Ultimate China! Travelling a full circle that begins and ends in you -...

President 8 Cruiser | Yangtze River | China	Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Yin and Yangtze

15 days | FROM USD $3,429

Kicking off in Beijing, soak up all the attractions of China's capital...

China Festival Tours

A number of colourful festivals take place in China each year and we've arranged special festival tour departures to coincide with two of the most popular. The Dragon Boat Festival is one of China's most important holidays, celebrated throughout the country and around the world. During this fascinating spectacle ornately decorated boats are rowed to the beat of large drums, with 80 to 100 rowers per boat, as crowds cheer on their favourite boat from the riverbanks. In the north-east of China, discover the incredible giant ice sculptures at the Harbin Ice Festival which has gained worldwide fame and recognition for its exquisite ice and snow sculptures. read more

Dragon boat racing | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Dragon Boat Festival

9 days | FROM USD $2,079

Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and the Dragon Boat Festival in Suzhou. and...

The Harbin Ice Festival | ChinaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Harbin Ice Festival

11 days | FROM USD $2,569

Enjoy Christmas 2016 and 5 star New Year’s eve climbing the Great in...

China Private Tours

If you'd like to travel to China on your own private tour then we've got a selection of itineraries that are bound to get your travel bug biting. From the vibrant ethnic minorities, stunning stone forest and spectacular Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, the birthplace of Confucius in Qufu to the famous Silk Road, the natural beauty of the Sichuan province and China's monochrome mascots, the giant pandas, in Chengdu, whatever brings you to China, we've got it covered.

Black Dragon Lake | Lijiang | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Yunnan Experience

8 days | FROM USD $2,429

Home to many of China's ethnically diverse minority peoples, Kunming &...

Travertine pools | Sichuan | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Sizzling Sichuan

8 days | FROM USD $4,539

Explore China’s beautiful Sichuan province! Discover Huanglong pools...

Government building | Pyongyang | North KoreaTailored To Suit You

Inside North Korea

9 days | FROM USD $5,899

Delve into the mystery that is North Korea on this 9 day tour taking...

Temple and mountains | Lijiang | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Journey Down South

10 days | FROM USD $3,339

Get off the beaten track and see the highlights of China’s scenic in...

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China Day Tours

Join us for a day exploring China's most popular cities that showcase the past and present. We organise a pick up from the hotel you are staying at and you'll be accompanied by an English speaking guide. From the bustling city of Beijing and the nearby Great Wall, to glamorous Shanghai and the Venice of the East - Suzhou, just a fast train ride away – delve in and discover China beyond the main sites.

Giant Pandas | China	Tailored To Suit You

Chengdu's Pandas

1/2 day | FROM USD $349

Meet endangered giant pandas at Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research to...

Giant pandas | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Chengdu's Pandas & Ancient Lanes

1 day | FROM USD $349

Get up close and personal with the endangered giant panda; visit and...

View from the Bund | Shanghai | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Sensational Shanghai

1 day | FROM USD $349

Whilst the term ‘bright Pearl’ may be used to describe old town, ...

Canals of Suzhou | China	Tailored To Suit You

Shanghai: Suzhou

1 day | FROM USD $349

Tranquil, quaint, ancient, beautiful, a true Venice, criss-crossed and...

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China Short Stays

Soak up all that Beijing and Shanghai have to offer with one of our short stay packages, ideal for those planning a stopover en route elsewhere. In Beijing explore the vast Forbidden City and marvel at the Great Wall whilst in Shanghai discover the old and new with funky bars, modern department stores, towering skyscrapers, traditional temples and gardens, plus fantastic shopping.

The Forbidden City | Beijing | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Beijing Visa Free

3 days | FROM USD $649

The perfect city stay for those in transit through Beijing, it is now...

The Bund | Shanghai | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Shanghai Visa Free

3 days | FROM USD $679

Short and to the point this is a perfect city stay for those in it is...

The Great Wall of China | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Beijing Breakaway

5 days | FROM USD $899

Enjoy a city break with a difference. Explore Tiananmen Square, enter...

The Bund | Shanghai | ChinaTailored To Suit You

Eye on Shanghai

5 days | FROM USD $999

Experience a city stay in one of the hottest cities on earth. Shanghai...

China tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.51 out of 5 based on 51 recent reviews — See All China Reviews

I was delighted with both my tour and our guides. The entire trip exceeded my expectations. One of the many winning features of an On The Go trip is the easy, relaxed and reassuring manner with which the guides dealt with any unexpected occurrences. I particularly enjoyed the schedule as there was a superb balance throughout the trip which allowed us as a group to see everything whilst also giving us free time to enjoy places on our own but always with the safe knowledge that Feng was never far away. I cannot recommend this tour enough for anyone who wants to travel with the very best tour operator available today.”  

• Submitted 12 Jan 2016

We had an fantastic trip. The accommodations were very nice and the transportation was comfortable. The information we received from On The Go Tours before the trip was very helpful and prepared us for what we needed.

Our Tour Guide (Feng) was the very best part of the trip. Our luggage was delayed for 5 days due to the Air Carrier. However, it would have been so much worse had not Feng intervened. She went way above any normal help. She personally made the arrangements so that when our luggage arrived in Beijing it was immediately put aboard another aircraft and sent to the city we were in. Then she arranged to have it sent to our hotel. She also was a wealth of information about China. All the guides spoke excellent English, friendly and eager to answer questions. We will definitely be using On The Go Tours again.”  

• Submitted 9 Jan 2016

I loved every minute of this trip. The friend I was going to travel with had to cancel at the last minute due to a death in the family, but Stephanie was fantastic, always making sure I was ok. Stephanie's knowledge of Chinese history was amazing. I will travel with again with On The Go tours and will be sure to recommend to family and friends. ”  

• Submitted 24 Oct 2015

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Travelling to China on a tour with us

We offer a wide selection of China guided group tours, city breaks, private journeys and tailormade holidays to China. We've also got a specially designed family tour for parents with young adults and children aged 5 - 17 years, and a special tour for families travelling with teenagers ages 12 - 17 years. With lots of local interaction along the way, travelling with us, you'll have a truly authentic travel experience and discover the true pulse of China.

With such a varied geography, illustrious history and fascinating collection of cultures China offers travellers an astonishing choice of travel destinations. To help you decide where to visit here's some of our favourite spots in China including thriving cities and man-made wonders.

The Great Wall of China | China
UNESCO listed

The Great Wall

Snaking some 5,500 miles (8,800km) across the country – no trip to China is complete without a visit to this world famous UNESCO World Heritage site. Hike along impressive parts of the Great Wall that are still intact or just stop and admire the magnificent views all around. Our group tours visit famous Badaling – most popular with the Chinese but for a slightly different view why not head to Mutianyu or Jinshanling if you have some extra time in Beijing.

Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | China
AN Impressive Army

Terracotta Warriors

Famously found by some farmers in 1974, the Terracotta Warriors are fast becoming one of China’s most popular attractions. Incredibly these 8000 or so soldiers are all unique with no one face being the same as any other. The majority of these are in one of the three pits near to Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum near to Xi’an – though some have travelled the world appearing in exhibitions in London, Barcelona, the USA, South America and India!

The Gate of Heavenly Peace | Beijing | China
Capital City


Formerly Peking, Beijing is without doubt the epicentre of China’s politics, economy and culture. From historical Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City to the traditional Hutongs and modern Olympic Park. Beijing is certainly not to be missed! Whether you want to ride a rickshaw in the Hutongs, check out Chairman Mao’s mausoleum or ride a segway around the Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium – Beijing is definitely a place to spend a few extra days in.

The Bund | Shanghai | China
City of contrasts


Perched on China’s east coast, Shanghai is home to lots of futuristic skyscrapers, the historic and decadent Bund area as well as over 100 public parks. For the best views of the city head up the Oriental Pearl tower or take a relaxing cruise along the Huangpu River. Shopaholics can get their fix on the famous Nanjing Road and nothing tastes like Shanghai than a bellyful of traditional dumplings!

Gaint pandas | China
Panda Country


Home to the nation’s favourite mascot, the giant panda, Chengdu offers one of the best experiences to see these beautiful bears at the Giant Panda Breeding Centre. The city is the capital of the Sichuan Province, which means lots of delicious if somewhat spicy food! You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll around Jinli Street at night – great for shopping and eating – or head out to the impressive Giant Buddha of Le Shan just a couple of hours outside the city.

Dragon's Backbone | Longsheng | China
Rural China

Longsheng & Dragon's Backbone

Famed for its impressive rice terraces, Longsheng is a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of many of China’s main cities. One of the most famous being Longji (Dragon’s Backbone) which when full of water (usually in Spring) resembles that of the scaly back of a dragon. It’s the perfect place to to appreciate Chinese countryside and get a real glimpse into local rural life.

Cycling along the Old City Walls | Xi'an | China
Experience Xi'an

Cycling on the Old City Wall

City Walls are very common in China and the one in Xi’an is particularly special as you have the opportunity to cycle, run, walk, ride around the whole thing! Built in a traditional Chinese style you really get a feel for the city and some impressive views are had at various look out points. You can even go on a tandem bike for those who don’t want to do all the cycling work themselves!

China Travel Guide

Plan ahead and make the most of your time in China with our useful guide to all those travel essentials.


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The Great Wall of China | China

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Great Wall | China

Visiting the Great Wall

Our guide to the various sections of the Great Wall


Tourist Visas

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The Great Wall of China | China

Traveller Reviews

Trip reviews from our travellers to China

Get to know China

Recommended Reading

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Did you know...?

Facts about China

  • Fortune cookies are not a traditional Chinese custom - they were invented in San Francisco in the early 1900s.
  • The Chinese military are training 10,000 pigeons as part of a 'reserve pigeon army' in case communications ever fail.
  • The first live crab vending machine was introduced in China with the promise that all crabs will come out alive!

China Travel Advice:

We keep abreast of the latest travel guidance to China and follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office. Safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Online travel resources for China:

REFER TO: Rough Guides, Fodors, Bradt, Frommers, Footprints, CN Traveller and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official China Tourist Organisation site and the latest China Weather Updates from the BBC.

CHINA TRAVEL BLOGS: Get to grips with China and its idiosyncrasies with our selection of blogs - Hao Hao Report, China Smack and Red Cook.

China Entries in our #feelgoodtravel photo competition

Our shortlist of winners is out! Vote for your favourites.

Feelgood Competition Entry 'Awed'
When I travelled to China I felt

“Yuan Yang was an incredible adventure. Hiking through the rice patties and eating raw radishes with local children while their families labored in by...”

by Kathleen Landry
Posted on 10 Dec 2015

Feelgood Competition Entry 'Small and like I'd attained a life long dream'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Amazing'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'I was on an Amazing tour with ON THE GO TOURS'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Awestruck'
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with travellers.
Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights OTG Signature

Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

On The Go's Signature group tours place local interaction and authenticity at the heart of your cultural travel experience. Upping the comfort stakes, this range is a clear cut above our OTG Adventure range.

Appealing to a wide age demographic from the 20s to 60+, we maximize your days with excitement and awe and then bring you home to a comfortable 4* hotel with western amenities, air-conditioning, WiFi and, where appropriate, a swimming pool. Hotels can sometimes be of 3 or 5 star standard too, ensuring you get the best value for your holiday.

Visiting all the main attractions you’ll be accompanied throughout by our highly qualified English-speaking local guides too. Group size is typically 18 with a maximum for 28, apart from festival tours, where group sizes can be larger due to the one-off nature of these events.

Tailored To Suit You OTG Independent

Tailored To Suit You

On this range you won’t be joining other travellers, but will be on your own private itinerary. Accommodation, pace of travel and the style of trip is tailored to your individual needs. From pre-priced packages available off the shelf to fully curated tailor-made holidays, this range also includes our selection of one-night stopovers, day-tours and short breaks.

The OTG Independent range gives you all the great service aspects of our Signature range with the flexibility to create a truly unique and bespoke holiday or adventure to a variety of destinations around the world.

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