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The best time to visit China

China experiences hot summers from late May to August in most parts of the country with great humidity in the south. September and October are warm to hot and dry across most of the country and it is during this time that it experiences increased visitor numbers and is the best time to visit China.

The weather table shows the average daily minimum and maximum temperatures in Celsius and the average monthly precipitation.

China Seasons

Winters (November - early March) meanwhile, vary from one geographical location to the next. Northern China (i.e. Beijing and north) experience freezing cold winters, whilst Central China (along the Yangtze) has a short, cold winter. South of the Yangtze, winters are relatively mild and rarely fall below freezing. In the very south of China, winters are very warm.

If visiting China's north in winter, pack very warm attire. Many of our tours combine both north and southern China, so you'll experience two distinct weather patterns for much of the time. Come end of March, April and May, conditions in the north are cool and dry - just perfect conditions for sightseeing.

Down south, it's warm to hot and humid again with showers. In what are traditionally the northern hemisphere summer months, China can be hot and wet from June to August, though still enjoyable all the same. In all, China has a great diversity of climates.

China Climate | Beijing

Temp Min °C-10-8-1713182120146-2-8
Temp Max °C14112127313130262093
Rainfall (mm)4581735782431415816113

China Climate | Shanghai

Temp Min °C1141015192323191472
Temp Max °C8813192528323228231712
Rainfall (mm)4858849494180147142130715136
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