Fisherman on a boat at sunrise in Guilin with its karst limestone outcrops

China - Private Tours

Fancy seeing China at your own pace and more privately? Then check out our 8 fantastic private tours of China and North Korea. From the stunning stone forest in Yunnan and the local minority tribes to the birthplace of Confucious in Qufu. Head out on the famous Silk Road like the ancient traditional traders used to do or just be dazzled by the beauty of Guilin. Step into another world in North Korea or visit China's beautiful mascots the Giant Pandas in Chengdu.Whatever brings you to China, be sure to do it the best way possible with an On The Go Tours private tour.

Yunnan Experience

Home to many of China's ethnically diverse...
8 days from USD $1,979

Sizzling Sichuan

Explore China’s beautiful Sichuan pools...
8 days from USD $3,499

Inside North Korea

Delve into the mystery that is North Korea...
9 days from USD $4,499

Journey Down South

Get off the beaten track and see the of in...
10 days from USD $2,819

Postcard from China

From Beijing to Shanghai via the Jinan -...
10 days from USD $2,139

Classic China & Chengdu

Journey south from the nation's capital to...
12 days from USD $3,499

Silk Road Adventure

Taking in Urumqi, Kashgar & Turpan in far...
15 days from USD $5,699

Totally China

Visiting the nation’s capital - Beijing,...
18 days from USD $4,299

A tailor-made holiday to China


Feel free to alter any of these holidays to suit your personal requirements, perhaps you'd prefer a higher standard of hotel, an extra few nights here and there, or to add another place of interest? That's no problem, simply let us know your requirements.


If you don't find what you're looking for in this section, take a look at China tailor-made. China is a vast country so if you wish to visit destinations we have not featured, we will be happy to arrange this for you. We can create whatever itinerary you request, bespoke to your requirements. You can also choose one of our group tours and these can be arranged on a private basis.


FROM USD $1,979
Black Dragon Lake in Lijiang

Yunnan Experience - 8 days

Home to many of China's ethnically diverse minority peoples, Kunming & the Stone Forest, delightful Dali, UNESCO-listed Lijiang and the awesome Tiger Leaping Gorge. Yunnan Province offers an uncommon Chinese experience.

Starts/Ends: Kunming
FROM USD $3,499
The travertine pools of Sichuan

Sizzling Sichuan - 8 days

Explore China’s beautiful Sichuan province! Discover Huanglong calcium pools and wildlife at Jiuzhaigou Scenic Reserve, Chengdu’s leading panda breeding and research centre, UNESCO Listed Dafo - the ‘Great Buddha’ and the lofty summit of Mount Emei.

Starts/Ends: Chengdu
FROM USD $4,499
Head inside North Korea

Inside North Korea - 9 days

Delve into the mystery that is North Korea on this 9 day tour taking you from the incredible sights of Beijing to the Soviet-style capital of Pyongyang in the DPRK. Get inside this isolated country with visits to important historical monuments and fascinating museums complimented by trips to stunning mountains and ancient temples.

Starts/Ends: Beijing
FROM USD $2,819
Temple and mountains in Lijiang

Journey Down South - 10 days

Get off the beaten track and see the highlights of China’s scenic south. Discover dramatic landscapes, trek in the beautiful Yunnan Province and meet the locals at eco lodges and homestays.

Starts: Guilin / Ends: Lijiang
FROM USD $2,139
Flowers in a Suzhou garden

Postcard from China - 10 days

From Beijing to Shanghai via the Jinan Province, visit UNESCO sites, Qufu - Confucius' birthplace, sacred Tai Shan, ancient Suzhou and its many waterways, concluding in bustling Shanghai.

Starts: Beijing / Ends: Shanghai
FROM USD $3,499
Pandas relaxing in Chengdu

Classic China & Chengdu - 12 Days

Journey south from the nation's capital Beijing to the terracotta warriors in Xi'an and the beautiful Giant Pandas in Chengdu. Spend some time marvelling at these amazing creatures before continuing on to sensational Shanghai - China's gateway to modernity!

Starts: Beijing / Ends: Shanghai
FROM USD $5,699
Turpan on the Silk Road

Silk Road Adventure - 15 days

Taking in Urumqi, Kashgar & Turpan in China's far west before heading east to the dunes at Dunhuang, the UNESCO-listed Mogao Caves, Yellow River & the Terracotta Warriors. Our Silk Road Adventure is a road less travelled.

Starts: Urumqi / Ends: Beijing
FROM USD $4,299
The Great Wall of China

Totally China - 18 days

Visiting the nation’s capital - Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Yangshuo, Hangzhou, Suzhou and cosmopolitan Shanghai. This cultural rollercoaster of a tour is filled with top UNESCO sites, spectacular scenery and unique experiences, guaranteed to captivate and enthrall.

Starts: Beijing / Ends: Shanghai
The On The Go Theatre
Discover the highlights of China on one of our group tours