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China Tour Bolt-ons

Extend or enhance your holiday with one of these little gems! Discover the delicately sculpted Buddhist Caves of Datong. Explore the stunning limestone peaks, rice paddy fields and minority groups of Guilin or wing your way to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Watch death-defying acrobatics in Beijing and beautifully choreographed dance and music in Xi'an.

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10 interesting things about the Terracotta Warriors
June 29, 2015 • OTG Team
Just outside of Xi’an, the incredible discovery of Emperor Qin’s underground army in 1974 put be...
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Festivals and Events
The Dragon Boat Festival
April 27, 2015 • OTG Team
With June fast approaching China is getting ready for the annual Dragon Boat Festival, when boats ...
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Photo Showcase
Great Wall, Warriors & Caves
April 1, 2015 • Guest Bloggers
Whether it is the history of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the picturesque surrounds of ...
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