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China - Tour Bolt-ons

Extend or enhance your holiday with one of these little gems! Discover the delicately sculpted Buddhist Caves of Datong. Explore the stunning limestone peaks, rice paddy fields and minority groups of Guilin or wing your way to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Watch death-defying acrobatics in Beijing and beautifully choreographed dance and music in Xi'an.


Flexibiity on our group tours


We have created these bolt-ons to offer you the flexibility for you to somewhat tailor your group tour experience to China with us. Arrive a day early, add an extra day, bolt-on an additional activity or two, upgrade aspects of your tour or extend your holiday with one of our many tour extensions. Whatever your preference, we will be happy to arrange it for you - putting together all the finer details to ensure you get the very most out of your holiday to China with us.



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Discover the highlights of China on one of our group tours