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Sample Itinerary - REF CHINA 1411

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Day 1: Xi'an

Today you will be met by your guide (TBA). We visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Muslim Quarter. Encircling the old city is Xi’an’s medieval City Wall, where we enjoy a hired bike ride. Overnight Xi'an

Day 2: Xi'an - Lanzhou

Today after breakfast you will visit the Terracotta Warrior archaeological site, and also visit a workshop where we see the process used to create the terracotta figurines. In battle formation, the Terracotta Warriors are one of China’s most awesome sights. Later tonight we take a train to Lanzhou.

Day 3: Lanzhou

Welcome to Lanzhou, upon arrival you will be met by our representatives. Today you will take a bus to Liujiaxia to visit the Binglinsi Cave, a serries of grottoes filled stone carvings depicting Buddha.

Day 4: Lanzhou - Jiayuguan

This morning after breakfast enjoy a tour of Lanzhou where you will get to see the first bridge built over the yellow river. Also enjoy the Water Wheel park and the Statue of Yellow River Mother which suggests that the Yellow River has provided for generations of the Chinese. Later tonight take a train to Jiayuguan.

Day 5: Jiayuguan

Welcome to Jiayuguan upon arrival you will be met by our representatives. Today you will visit the Tower of Jiayuguan, and the Overhanging Great Wall both extremly important parts of the defensive work of Jiayuguan Pass. Overnight in Jiayuguan.

Day 6: Jiayuguan - Dunhuang

This morning after breakfast take a bus ride to Dunhuang today we go exploring the arid landscape of the Mingsha Sand Dunes. We also visit the Crescent Moon Spring this spring that is deep blue sustains its lush vegetation. On an interesting note for the amount of sandstorms that affect the area no one can remember the spring ever being covered over or filled up by sand. Overnight Dunhuang

Day 7: Dunhuang - Turpan

After breakfast we vist the Mogao cave otherwise known as the cave of a thousand Buddhas. Later tonight we board the overnight train to Turpan.

Day 8: Turpan

Welcome to Turpan. Upon arrival you will be met by our representatives. To day we head back into the desert and visit the ancient fortress of Jiaohe ruins and see the spectacular sight of the Flaming Mountains. Afterwards we travel to the Emin Minaret, on the way to Kashgar we travel through the Grape Valley and visit local homes and learn about the 2,000-yearold Kerez irrigation canals. Overnight Kashgar.

Day 9: Turpan - Kashgar

This morning after breakfast we drive to Urumqi your flight to Kashgar enroute we visit the Id Kah Mosque and the elegantly tiled Abakh Hoja Tomb, which was built in 1640 to reflect the artistic style of Samarkand.

City mosque

Day 10: Kashgar - Urumqi

This morning afterbreakfast we get lost in the world’s largest Sunday Bazaar. This evening you will be flying to Urumqi, upon arrival you will be met by our representatives. Overnight Urumqi.

Day 11: Urumqi

Today you will travel to Tian Chi (Heavenly Lake) located on the Sino-Korean border. Enjoy breathtaking views of the crystal clear lake at the top of a mountain range. Dinner will be a traditional meal of Uyghur lamb skewers this evening. Overnight Urumqi.

Day 12: Urumqi - Beijing

This morning after breakfast we visit the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum, where some 1,000-year-old mummies are housed. This afternoon board your flight to Beijing for your final nights in China. Upon arrival in Beijing you will be me by our local representatives and transferred to your hotel. Overnight in Beijing.

Great Wall

Day 13: Beijing

This morning after breakfast, We explore the heart of Beijing including the vast Tiananmen Square where Chairman Mao’s tomb and various monuments to the people are located. Dominating the city’s heart is the Forbidden City, a centre of power for five centuries and seat of the emperors. Take a traditional rickshaw around the Hutong Area. Overnight Beijing.

Forbidden City

Day 14: Beijing

Today we drive beyond Beijing to Badaling to walk a section of the famous Great Wall. Built in the Ming Dynasty, a 6m wide pathway makes a formidable defense, following the highest contours of a steep range of hills. Continuing a short distance from Badaling, we visit the tombs of the Ming emperors. Later today we get the chance to explore the Summer Palace. Overnight Beijing.

Ming statue

Day 15: Beijing

Today we bid you farewell with a departure transfer to the Airport. Based on the magical places you have visited in China I am sure you will have many special memories to ponder on your long flight home.

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