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Sample Itinerary - REF CHINA 2002

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Kowloon street

Day 1: Beijing

Arrival at Beijing, Beijing is a world-class capital with an incredible mix of historic and modern landmarks. Upon arrival you will be greeted at the train station and transferred to the centre located hotel

Lamma Island

Day 2: Beijing

After having the breakfast, you will start the tour from the largest public square in the world - the Tiananmen Square and then enter the intriguing Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City - home of Chinese emperors for more than 500 years. After lunch, visit the Summer Palace, taking a leisure stroll while admiring the thousands of ancient murals along the Long Corridor and a boat ride on Kunming Lake (weather permitting). In the evening,enjoy a fabulous welcome banquet featuring the famous Beijing Duck in the “Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant”.

Skyline at night

Day 3: Beijing

An unforgettable outing includes a walking to the wondrous Great Wall – Mutianyu portion (must be in the morning), where you will have the chance to climb a portion of this 3,700-mile vista and marvel. Its dramatic descends steep ridges and narrow valleys will scatter a good landscape for your camera. In the afternoon, visit the Ming Tomb and walk through the Sacrificed Way features the giant animal sculptures group. En route back, you will drive around the intriguing architecture of the 2008 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony venues: the National Stadium which is nicknamed the "Bird's Nest" because of the unique design and the National Aquatics with the nickname of "the Water Cube”.

Lantau Buddha

Day 4: Beijing

After having the breakfast, enjoy a Pedi-cab Ride in the Hutongs, the "old city" neighborhood of narrow alleyways and courtyard gardens hidden behind Beijing's modern facade. Visit Prince Gong's Palace, the Drum Tower, and old-style courtyard houses still inhabited by Beijing residents. In the afternoon, you will visit the harmonious Temple of Heaven, one of the best examples of Ming Dynasty architecture in China, also an ornate sanctuary where Chinese Emperors worshiped the Gods.

Day 5: Beijing

Day at leisure

Day 6: Beijing - Shanghai

High speed train to Shanghai, A 5 hours high speed train journey will give you the opportunity to view the spring along the east coast of China. Transfer to hotel.

Day 7: Shanghai

Your first day of sightseeing in Shanghai will start from the Bund. Along the waterfront you will see the European-Style architecture of the buildings that once housed the institutions of the colonial powers in the 19th century. Followed program will be a visit to the Old Town and walk down its narrow lanes past traditional buildings to the once private Yu Yuan Gardens. A lunch features local flavor will be booked for you in The Green Wave Pavilion Restaurant – right inside the Yu Garden. You end your full-day sightseeing tour with a stop at the Jade Buddha Temple. Tonight, you are sure to enjoy the amazing contortion and acrobatic show.

Colourful lantens of a temple

Day 8: Shanghai

Day at leisure

Day 9: Shanghai

In the morning, you will make a visit the Shanghai National Museum. There you will find artifacts that span the length of China’s history, and enliven its cultural traditions. In addition, you will visit the Urban Planning Museum for about 1 ½ hours. A Huangpu River cruise at near sunset will be reserved for you

Day 10: Shanghai

You may take the entire day free for self-arranged Jewish Community visit in the old Shanghai Synagogue and postpone the entire tour in Shanghai one day late

Day 11: Shanghai

Another day at leisure

Day 12: Shanghai - Xi'an

Today we transfer youy to the airport for your internal flight to Xi’an, transfer to hotel

Day 13: Xi'an

Today's highlight is a visit to the Archaeological Museum, home to more than 6,000 life-size terra-cotta warriors and horses excavated from the tomb of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. After lunch, visit the Shanxi Provincial Museum which contains relics from the earliest known inhabitants of China. *

Day 14: Xi'an

Xi’an is a city of unsurpassed importance in China’s history; it is filled with archeological wonders and served as the capital for eleven dynasties. You will tour the Ancient City Wall (*twice – one in the morning, one in the night), the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. In the evening, you will attend a Tang Dynasty (AD 600 – 780) Show – a true duplicate of royal entertainment 1200 years ago

Day 15: Xi'an - Lijiang

Tofay transfer to the airport for your flight to Lijiang Via Kunming,transfer to hotel

Harbour view

Day 16: Lijiang

Today's highlight is an excursion the Yak Meadow of the Jade Snow Mountain. This famous mountain ascends 18,000 ft, and is made up of 13 peaks resembling jade pillars. North of Lijiang Country finds the Liulidian Temple and Daobaoji Temple at Baisha village, housing 558 mural paintings on 12 walls that date back to the Ming Dynasty in 1385. Buddhism, Taoism and Lamaism manifest in integration in styles of Chinese, Tibetan, Bai and Naxi people on the murals, a proof of exchange on politics, economy, culture and religion between the mainland and the frontiers of China. In addition, you will tour the Yu Feng Monastery, Baisha Mural, and Joseph Rock’s Residence in Yu Hu Village

City bridge

Day 17: Lijiang

Visit the Stone Drum Village on the First Bend of the Yangtze River. You will have a dramatic view of the Yangtze's near-180-degree turn, where the wide and swift water runs parallel to each other for nearly 20 km, first flowing south, then north. En route, you will hike along the Tiger Leaping Gorge, where the river is wedged tightly between huge cliffs, causing a large volume of water to thunder through the narrow gorge. Lunch will be arranged in a minority village

Great Wall

Day 18: Lijiang - Guilin

Transfer to the airport. Fly to Guilin via Kunming, Transfer to hotel.

Forbidden City

Day 19: Guilin

In the morning, you will be escorted to the pier. You will cruise in air-conditioned comfort on the Li River, where every turn offers breathtaking new views of vertical peaks, weathered stone pinnacles, caverns, soft bamboo groves, and other pastoral landscapes that have inspired so much Chinese art and poetry. You spend the entire afternoon in Yangshuo, a small town 100 km away from Guilin, to have a better study of Chinese farmers’ real daily life. If weather permit, you may enjoy the show “Sister Liu” - the Li River as the stage and all performers are local farmers

Ming statue

Day 20: Guilin - Hong Kong

Best known for its immortal stone mountains, Guilin also is noted for fantastic caves, and this afternoon you’ll explore the finest Reed Flute Cave, full of oddities and historic treasures. Also you will visit the Fubo Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill. Fly to Hongkong in the afternoon.You will arrive in Hong Kong. Right within the airport terminal, you may easily board the “Airport Express” metro to go to your hotel at Kowloon – Tsimshatsui. Check-in self-booked Shangri-La Kowloon Hotel.

Summer Palace

Day 21: Hong Kong

You will be at leisure for the whole day.

Hong Kong skyline

Day 23: Hong Kong

Try the “Airport Express” metro again, you will go to the airport by yourself

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