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Tang Dynasty Show

The Tang Dynasty Show is a performance of Chang’an music and dance that originated during the time of the illustrious Tang Dynasty. Colourfully choreographed according to various historical records of the ancient arts with a host of singing, dancing and musical-instrument playing performers coupled with simple backdrops and props, this is entertainment that was once fit for a Tang emperor.

Xi’an has a very long history, and was the imperial capital for 13 dynastic periods. Of these, the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) was the most prosperous and glorious of all. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is an outstanding exponent of this ancient and prosperous dynasty, keeping alive its splendid culture and providing an insight into the peaceful lifestyle of the period. The Tang Dynasty was open to outside influences, willing to embrace the past and look also to ethnic groups in northwestern China as well as central and western Asia for inspiration. As such, a wide range of unusual oriental musical instruments, many techniques such as painting, sculpting, pattern and costume design, cuisine and dining etiquette, singing and dancing was embraced and paved the way for the kind of entertainment seen by modern audiences today. This combination of the arts in today's modern presentations is certain to afford you an impressive view of ancient China with its splendid history, rich culture, and distinct traditions and customs.

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