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Located at the tip of the Shandong Peninsula in north-east China, the booming port city of Weihai was the site of China’s most humiliating naval defeat. During the Qing Dynasty the port was the base for the Beiyang Fleet of China, annihilated by a smaller Japanese fleet in 1895 from the landward side. It was also a summer station for the British Naval China Station and was known as Port Edward during colonial times. The British hung onto a concession here until 1930 when it was returned to the Republic of China, though little remains to remind you of its colonial heritage.

Today visitors are drawn to Weihai for its golden coastline, Liugong Island and to catch passenger ferries to South Korea.
Surrounded by sea on three sides, the harbour of Weihai is protected by Liugong Island. The island enjoys a pleasant climate and is marked by uneven terrain. People come here for the natural beauty with smooth cliffs lining the north mountainous side of the island and vast beaches of fine sands extending for miles along the coast in the south. The island also features an expo park, a comprehensive assembly of exquisite cultural relics including four huge colourful murals of jade carving and a unique water harp.

At Shengjingshan Mountain you can experience the culture of the traditional Chinese religion Dao and see local fishermen along Weihai's coast. The large and stately promenade in front of the city's Town Hall is an excellent place for people watching where local families gather for dance, music and sport.

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