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Day 1: Guilin

Welcome to Guilin, Guangxi Province! Airport arrival and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2: Guilin - Yangshuo

This morning drive onwards (approx 1.5hrs) to Yangshuo. Renowned for its striking, if bizarre scenery, vast areas of karst limestone outcrops which rise up from flat rice paddy fields. From Yangshuo it is possible to take a relaxing cruise by simple bamboo raft or motorised long boat along the River Li passing an endless procession of peaks and remote villages. The local fishermen use trained cormorants to catch fish and local village boys paddle out to the river boats with all manner of curios. Guides servises available today.

Day 3: Yangshuo

Choose to go boating along the Li or Yu Long rivers, cycling, hiking, rafting or rock climbing or simply spend the day exploring this charming village laden with quirky shops, tea shops, antiques, art t-shirt designers and souvenir curios. Maybe take a calligraphers or beginners art class with a local painter or enjoy a morning class at the ‘Cloud 9’ cooking school. Guides servises available today.

Day 4: Yangshuo - Kunming

Returning to Guilin we tour the enormous Reed Flute Caves. Take an afternoon stroll along the picturesque riverside foot bridges and paths before transferring you to the airport for your flight to Kunming. Met by your guide in Kunming and transferred to your hotel.

Day 5: Kunming

Capital of Yunnan Province, Kunming lies 2000m above sea level. Its gentle weather and abundance of flowers have earned it the name ‘City of Eternal Spring’. Visit the stunning Western Hills (Dragon Gate Grotto). Free afternoon.

Day 6: Kunming - Lijiang

Visit the petrified Stone Forest, before a transfer to the airport for your flight onward to Lijiang, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

Day 7: Lijiang - Wenhai and Lashihai

Seeing the reflection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on the surface of a picturesque lake, is the highlight of the 3 - 4 hour hike toward Wenhai Eco lodge. Upon arrival explore the village and drink tea with a local family.

Day 8: Wenhai and Lashihai

This morning you visit Yi Village before embarking on a 4 hour hike to visit the Lashishai community. Here, you’ll meet and stay overnight with a traditional Naxi indigenous family.

Day 9: Wenhai and Lashihai

En route to Liming (approx 3 hour drive) visit the town of Shigu, located on the first bend of the Yangtze River. Here you undertake a 3 hour hike (or pony ride if you choose) to the 3000m summit of the Thousand Tortoise Mountain. After enjoying the spectacular panoramic views continue your walk (downhill) to Liming.

Colourful lantens of a temple

Day 10: Wenhai and Lashihai - Lijiang

After breakfast head to the excitingly named Tiger leaping gorge on the Yangtze River. Some 16km long and up to 3000m deep, it is the world’s deepest canyon. The gorge is so narrow at various points that legend has it a tiger once escaped pursuit by leaping across. Visiting the gorge, you’ll have a chance to walk a section and take in the dramatic, yet stark scenery. After lunch return to Lijiang.

Brightly coloured doorway

Day 11: Lijiang - Jiuzhaigou

This morning fly via Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou - a region that for centuries has been inhabited by various Tibetan and Qiang people. Tour the Muni Valley. 36km west of Songpan is another of Aba Prefecture's aquatic marvels - Muni Valley. Muni Valley consists of two side valleys, more than 100 lakes and natural hot springs with the most spectacular sceneries being Zhaga Waterfall and Erdao Lake. It is possible to reach Muni Valley by road or horse trek from Songpan. The altitude ranges from 2,800m at the entrance to 4,070m on the mountain peaks. Onward travel to Jiuzhaigou.

Waterfall through the rocks

Day 12: Jiuzhaigou

Today is spent exploring the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Reserve. Located in the high Min Shan mountain range, the Jiuzhaigou reserve is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. It’s home to densely growing conifers, broadleaf trees and of rare and endangered animal species such as takins, golden monkeys, Giant Pandas and white-lip deer. Ancient Chinese legend has it that the goddess Semo accidentally smashed her mirror here and the pieces that fell down the mountain formed beautiful lakes, streams and waterfalls. Afterwards, visits will be made to Pearl Beach Falls, Nuorilong Falls and Long Lake. The ever flowing cascade of Nuorilong spans an impressive 320m - making it the widest waterfall in all of China.

Great colours in the lake

Day 13: Jiuzhaigou - Xi'an

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Xi'an via Chengdu, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel. We visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and take a bicycle ride along Xi’an 9 mile in length, medieval City Wall before heading under the wall to the Muslim Markets.

Day 14: Xi'an - Huashan

This morning, we visit the Terracotta Warrior archaeological site where some 7,000 warriors stand in battle ready position before driving to Huanshan. Huashan is one of the most famous five montains in China. It is located 100 miles of east of Xi'an. Huashan is famours for its cliff and steap trails. It is good place for the people like hiking. There are 5 peaks in Huashan. The highest peak is South Peak about 7500 feet above sea level. You can either climb or take the cable car to north peak then you can climb to east, west, south and central. Huashan is famous for Chinese Taosim and Buddasim as well. There are a few temples you can visit.

Day 15: Huashan - Xi'an

We drive from Huashan back to Xi'an.

Day 16: Xi'an - Luoyang

We take the express train to Luoyand. Today we explore the UNESCO - listed 6th Century Longman Caves etched into the cliffs of the Yi River. The 1300 caves (grottoes) are adorned with 100,000 statues and images of Buddha and his disciples, carved during the Northern Wei Dynasty. Later we tour the White Horse Temple, the first Buddhist temple in China.

Day 17: Luoyang - Dengfeng

Today, we drive to Dengfeng to visit Shaolin Temple and enjoy a Kungfu Show.

Day 18: Dengfeng - Zhengzhou

Today, we drive onto Zhengzhou.

Day 19: Zhengzhou

Free day in Zhengzhou.

Day 20: Zhengzhou

Departure transfer to the airport.

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