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Sample Itinerary - REF CHINA 1490

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Day 1: Nanjing - Wuhan

We Begin out tour in Nanjing. Former capital of the Ming Dynasty and capital of Republican China, from 1911 - 1949, Nanjing holds a rich history of both ancient and modern China. Today we visit the Fuzi Miao (Temple of Confucius) and the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre. A moving experience that charts the atrocities committed at this very site. This afternoon, catch the high speed train to Wuhan where you will be met buy an On The Go Guide and transferred to your hotel.

Day 2: Wuhan - Yangtze & Three Gorges

Today we head to Yichang and start our Yangtze River Cruise. At 6340km in length, the Yangtze is the 3rd longest river in the world, neatly dividing China into north and south and wending its way through eight very different provinces. The Gorges are a breathtaking sight! Firstly we pass the Xiling Gorge, the longest at 75km it comprises of seven smaller gorges.

Days 3-5: Yangtze & Three Gorges

We continue our cruising for the next 3 days moving Viewing all three impressive georges. The Wuxia Gorge offers an spectacular vista for some 45km. The last gorge we pass, Qutangxia Gorge is the shortest and narrowest yet the most impressive. Here, the dramatic 1200m limestone peaks are often shrouded in mist and the river shoots through the narrow entrance with great haste. Whilst cruising, there are optional short excursions to Shibaozhai and Shennong stream. Drift serenely along the stream in small, open ‘pea pod boats’, looking out upon lush greenery, jagged peaks and ancient villages of the Tujia people - one of the local ethnic minorities

Day 6: Yangtze & Three Gorges - Xi'an

Today after disembarking from your cruise you will enjoy free time in Chongqing before we fly to Xi'an where you will be met by a guide and transferred to your hotel.

Day 7: Xi'an

Spend the morning at leisure before touring the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and taking a bike ride along the great Old City Wall. Peering from the Old City Wall offers spectacular, if not unique views of the city and residence going about their daily lives.

Great Wall

Day 8: Xi'an - Beijing

Xi’an is Shaanxi Province is perhaps most famous for Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Warriors. Discovered in 1974 by local farmers digging a well, the 7,000 life-sized soldiers, some 2,200 years old, stand battle-ready in excavated pits under the cover of a modern protective hanger. We tour the archaeological site and Terracotta warrior replica workshop. Tonight we take the overnight sleeper train to Beijing.

Forbidden City

Day 9: Beijing

Today we wake in Beijing! After breakfast sighseeing beings with the Summer Palace on Kunming Lake, where we view the lavishly decorated temples, halls and courts, reconstructed in 1902. The Long Corridor, a hand painted 730m covered walkway, offers gentle respite from the elements. This afternoon, even the most hardened non-shoppers can’t help coming away with a few goodies at the Silk Alley markets. Name-brand attire, bling-bling jewellery, knock-off handbags and shoes are popular acquisitions. During our touring we also see the 2008 Olympic Stadium and Aquatic Centre on route.

Ming statue

Day 10: Beijing

Today, we are taken to Badaling, where we can walk on a section of the famous Great Wall. A symbol of total Chinese genius, the Great Wall is a cultural icon. At least 20 dynasties were involved in its construction. Stretching some 6700 kilometres, we walk along just a small chunk of this massive masterpiece of human endeavour. Later we visit a cloisonne workshop, viewing the step-by-step process of this curious, yet quite beautiful art form. Tonight we attend a Chinese Acrobatic performance.

Summer Palace

Day 11: Beijing

Today we continue our sightseeing of the mighty Beijing starting in Tiananmen Square,essentially the heart of Beijing. Across from the square is the Gate of Heavenly Peace. Up above the gate and looking out across to all his people, is Chairman Mao's mausoleum. We then head back a few centuries, we step into the Forbidden City, the walled city of the former Chinese emperors, it was only opened after the last emperor was overthrown in 1911. Encompassing architecturally stunning temples and halls, the complex of the Forbidden city is an assault on the eyes. Later, we take rickshaws to explore the Hutongs of Beijing and enjoy a traditional Peking Duck Dinner.

Temple of Heaven

Day 12: Beijing

Today is a free day to enjoy Beijing at your own leisure.

Lion at the Forbidden Palace

Day 13: Beijing

This morning we depart Beijing and jump on a train heading for Nanjing where our arrangements will end on arrival at Nanjing Station.

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