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Kowloon street

Day 1: Nanning - Guilin

Our guide will collect you this morning at 6:40am from your hotel in Nanning with train tickets in hand for a transfer to the station to catch the express train to Guilin. (DEP:-08:05 - ARR:-12:57) Arriving into Guilin, hotel check in before paying a visit to The Reed Flute Cave where there are enchanting stalagmites, stone pillars, stele, stone curtains and stone flowers. Then we continue on to Elephant Trunk Hill to take in the stunning scenery.

Day 2: Guilin - Yangshuo

This morning we transfer to Yangshuo. Hotel check in and some leisure time. This afternoon we will collect you from town or your hotel to take you for a three hour bamboo rafting trip on the Yulong River - take in the gorgeous scenery and see the fisherman using Cormorant birds to catch their fish.

Local cafe, Chengdu

Day 3: Yangshuo - Chengdu

This morning we drive to Longsheng. Here, we explore the rice terraces of the Dragon’s Backbone! Beginning at the base of Mt Longji the verdant green rice fields coil the steep mountain layer upon layer climbing to its summit. Where there is soil a terrace has been made! Taking a walk along the stone paths no more than a metre wide, we climb skyward to enjoy panoramic views of the ribbon like terraces with picturesque valleys and meandering streams below. We then drive to Guilin for your flight to Chengdu.

Chinese opera

Day 4: Chengdu

Today is a free day for you to enjoy Chengdu at your leisure and independently explore the city.

Day 5: Chengdu

In the morning a short drive out of town takes you for your full day experience of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Afterwards you head to Renmin park to drink some tea as the locals love to do we conclude the day with a visit to Jinli Lu street - part of the old city where an open air theatre and Sichuan Opera are performed in the evening you can opt to book and attend a performance locally if you like.

Day 6: Chengdu - Emei Shan

We take overnight bags and leave the rest at the hotel. Driving to Leshan your morning is spent exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Dafo (Great Buddha), which is carved into the red sandstone face of Lingyun Hill overlooking the treacherous confluence of the Min, Qingyi and Dadu rivers below it. It is standing at Dafo's huge 8m feet that you can really appreciate the scale of one of the world's largest Buddhas. Talking numbers, his ears droop 7m, his shoulders span 28m and his nose measures a whopping 5.6m! We then drive onward take in the views from Emei Shan (Mt Emei) designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 7: Emei Shan - Chengdu

This morning we travel by cable car to the top of Mt Emei to tour the magnificent Wannian temple. The oldest structure on the mountain, its contents are stunning: three thousand tiny iron Buddhas surround a life sized enamelled bronze sculpture of Bodhisattva Puxian (the protector of the mountain) riding a gilt lotus flower astride his great six tusked white elephant. Weighing over 62 tonnes and standing over 7 metres in height the masterpiece had to be brought to the mountaintop in pieces. We then return to Chengdu by early evening.

Day 8: Chengdu

Sadly your journey concludes today, we will transfer you to the Chengdu Airport in time for the direct flight to Hong Kong.

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