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The ancient city of Foshan in the Southwest of China sits on the Pearl River and is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship. Known as the "South China Ceramics City", it has been creating pottery and ceramics since the Song Dynasty and is one of the country's oldest pottery towns. It is also renowned for its metal working and wood carving.

Foshan is also well known for its Martial Arts (the grand master Huang Feihong was born here), Cantonese Opera and its tasty local delicacies which include Foshan Manggong Cake, Daliang Pheasant Roll, Xiaofeng biscuit, Nanhai Living Fish, Dafu cake, Jiujiang Fried Biscuit and Sanshui Gouzi Duck.

Foshan has warm weather and regular rainfall all year round. The city is made up of five districts: Chancheng, Shunde, Sanshui, Nanhai and Gaoming Districts and is just 20km from Guangzhou. In the city centre Zumiao Commercial Street is fabulous for shopping, with big shopping malls and plazas where all kinds of local handicrafts can be found.

In addition to its reputation for handicrafts, Foshan is famous for its magnificent ancestral temple, Zu Miao, which houses the Huang Fei Hong Memorial Museum and the Wanful Stage, famed for being the birthplace of Cantonese Opera. This temple complex was founded in the 11th century in honour of a Taoist god of the north. Other attractions in Foshan include Xiqiao Mountain, the Shiwan Art and Pottery Factory, the Foshan Folk Art Research Institute and the tranquil Liang's Garden.

Tailormade Holidays to Foshan

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