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Stretching some 20,000 km from the east to the west of China across barren desert, lush grassland, and winding mountain peaks, the Great Wall is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Dating back more than 2,000 years, construction on The Great Wall began under the Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BC) and today is recognised as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and gained status as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

Much of the Great Wall now lies in ruins though a number of sections have been faithfully restored to their former glory. One of the best-preserved sections of the wall, known as Badaling, can be found 50 miles north of Beijing and offers travellers a taste of the size and majesty of this impressive architectural feat. The more adventurous at heart can visit more remote regions of the wall, like the isolate Jinshanling Scenic Zone which offers an alternative view of the wall, scattered with elegant watchtowers and fantastic scenery.

Great Wall Tours

Here are some popular itineraries for a trip to Great Wall

Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | China

Warriors & Dragons

8 days FROM $1,799
The Gate of Heavenly Peace | Beijing | China

China Express

7 days FROM $1,699
The Great Wall of China | China

Great Wall & Warriors

9 days FROM $1,989
Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | China

China For Teens

9 days FROM $1,989
Dragon boat racing | China

Dragon Boat Festival

9 days FROM $2,079
Potala Palace | Lhasa | Tibet

Gateway to Tibet

11 days FROM $3,159
Chengdu Pandas | China

Great Wall & Pandas

11 Days FROM $3,549
Longman Caves | Luoyang | China

Chinese Checkers

11 days FROM $2,349
The Harbin Ice Festival | China

Harbin Ice Festival

11 days FROM $2,569
Dragon's Backbone | Longsheng | China

Beyond the City Walls

12 days FROM $3,429
View of the city | Hong Kong | China

Hutongs to Hong Kong

13 days FROM $2,889
Lijiang River | China

Fine China

13 days FROM $3,339
Canals of Suzhou | China

Mandarin Sunrise

15 days FROM $2,999
President 8 Cruiser | Yangtze River | China

Yin and Yangtze

15 days FROM $3,429
Government building | Pyongyang | North Korea

Inside North Korea

9 days FROM $5,899
The Forbidden City | Beijing | China

Beijing Visa Free

3 days FROM $649
The Great Wall of China | China

Beijing Breakaway

5 days FROM $899
Garden in Suzhou | China

Postcard from China

10 days FROM $2,539
The Forbidden City | Beijing | China

Lucky 8 City Break

8 days FROM $2,049
Giant pandas | China

Classic China & Chengdu

12 Days FROM $3,499
Turpan | The Silk Road | China

Silk Road Adventure

15 days FROM $10,009
The Great Wall of China | China

Totally China

18 days FROM $5,569
Forbidden City Beijing | Trans-siberian Railway | China

Beijing Stopover

3 days FROM $529
The Great Wall of China | China

Beijing: Great Wall

1 day FROM $279

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