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Jilin in the North-East of China is an area rich in natural beauty, with dense forests, lush grasslands and an amazing variety of flora, fauna and wildlife. Blessed with a favourable, temperate climate and long snowy winters which have been known to stretch from October through to April, Jilin boasts some excellent ski resorts, making winter the most popular season for tourism.

A highlight of Jilin is Changbaishan (Tall White Mountain), which has much to offer visitors. It is a nature reserve with dense forest, home to over 200 species of animal including tigers, deer, black bears and leopards. The mountain also boasts several hot springs in the forest, a spectacular waterfall and four lakes including Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) which is at the very top of the mountain where the views are simply breathtaking.

There are many places of interest in Jilin, including the General's Tomb, a giant granite pyramid seven stories high built in the 4th Century for the king of the Gaogouli nation. Within the pyramid there is a secret passage and the coffin of the King. In Chang Chun, the capital of Jilin, the luxurious palace of the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi, is a worthy site to visit for its beauty and unique historical importance. Visit the Meteorite Shower Museum to view the largest piece of meteorite found anywhere in the world, which fell during the 1976 meteorite shower that hit Jilin, and weighs an astounding 1,770kg.

Tailormade Holidays to Jilin

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