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Qinhuangdao, literally Qin Emperor's Island, sits on the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea and was named after an emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), who came to the area looking for pills of longevity. The city was opened as a seaport in 1898 and today it has developed from a tiny fishing village into one of the biggest ports in northern China.

This popular summer resort boasts a beautiful coastline with a number of pleasant beaches. Along the seashore, stretching from the northeast to the southwest, there are five popular tourist zones: Shanhaiguan District (the eastern end of the Great Wall), Haigang District (the harbour district), Beidaihe Scenic Spot (a seaside resort), Nandaihe Tourist Resort and the Golden Coast.

If you liken the Great Wall to a dragon scaling China's interior then Qinhuangdao is where you'll find the head of the dragon facing the sea. Shanhaiguan, meaning 'the pass of mountain and sea' is an enclosed area encircled by city walls linked with the Great Wall and offers a number of attractions. Laolongtou (Old Dragon's Head) is the very eastern end of the Great Wall where the legendary structure meets the sea. In the centre of the old town, the First Pass Under Heaven (Shanhaiguan Pass) is the first pass of great military importance and is where the Ming Dynasty Great Wall originally began. Starting north from the Jingbian Tower is the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum, which contains a detailed history of the wall.

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