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Wenhai and Lashihai


About Wenhai and Lashihai

Lashihai and Wenhai, on the southern slopes of the Jade Dragon Snow mountain, are part of the Lashihai provincial level Alpine Wetlands Nature Reserve. The area includes Wenhai and Laishihai Lakes, both of which afford beautiful views of the area and are home to a rich biodiversity.

Every year Wenhai Lake undergoes a transformation when in early spring the lake drains through underground limestone karsts and the area turns into grasslands until the rainy season in summer when the lake fills up with water again. Laishihai Lake is important for migratory birds and over 40 plant species are found in the lake. The area is rich in flora and fauna, including many medicinal plants and has over 15 species of rhododendrons.

Once a station on the old mule track route that lead from the tea plantations in Yunnan through to Tibet, Wenhai is inaccessible except by horse or by foot. Trekking in this eco-friendly area allows the opportunity to enjoy home-stays with Naxi families and also visit the Yi community in an area that uses solar power and bio gas. Traditional dress is worn and it is a very simple way of life. The local communities benefit from every visit made to this sustainable project. Accommodation varies from an eco lodge to home-stays and guest houses. It’s a wonderful, environmentally friendly area with a picturesque landscape and includes the cultural diversity of the local communities.

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