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Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi province. Known as Chang’an in ancient times, Xi’an’s often illustrious history spans more than 3,000 years. Regarded as one of the most important cities in Chinese history, Xi'an is listed as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China because it has been the capital of 13 dynasties, including the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang. Xi'an is also the eastern end of the famed Silk Road.

Xi’an eventually declined to a provincial backwater, growing and expanding in the 20th century. Unknown really to the modern West, Xi’an was placed firmly on the tourist trail after the discovery of Emperor Qin’s army of 2,200-year-old terracotta warriors in 1974.

Xi’an itself is surrounded by a well-preserved city wall, which was reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty (14th century). Since Xi’an is relatively flat, there are no steep inclines on the impressive walls, making it plenty wide enough for an elevated and enjoyable stroll or bike ride without risk of getting mown over.

Other drawcards in Xi’an include the spectacularly lofty Big Wild Goose Pagoda - constructed around the 7th century to store translations of Buddhist sutras from India, the smaller Little Wild Goose Pagoda, the Bell Tower and also Drum Tower. The Shaanxi History Museum boasts a large and impressive collection of artefacts both ancient and modern, tracing Xi’an’s history from its early beginnings.

Xi'an Tours

Here are some popular itineraries for a trip to Xi'an

Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | China

Warriors & Dragons

8 days FROM $1,799
The Gate of Heavenly Peace | Beijing | China

China Express

7 days FROM $1,699
The Great Wall of China | China

Great Wall & Warriors

9 days FROM $1,989
Dragon boat racing | China

Dragon Boat Festival

9 days FROM $2,079
Terracotta Warriors | Xi'an | China

China For Teens

9 days FROM $1,989
Potala Palace | Lhasa | Tibet

Gateway to Tibet

11 days FROM $3,159
Chengdu Pandas | China

Great Wall & Pandas

11 Days FROM $3,549
Longman Caves | Luoyang | China

Chinese Checkers

11 days FROM $2,349
The Harbin Ice Festival | China

Harbin Ice Festival

11 days FROM $2,569
Dragon's Backbone | Longsheng | China

Beyond the City Walls

12 days FROM $3,429
View of the city | Hong Kong | China

Hutongs to Hong Kong

13 days FROM $2,889
Lijiang River | China

Fine China

13 days FROM $3,339
Canals of Suzhou | China

Mandarin Sunrise

15 days FROM $2,999
President 8 Cruiser | Yangtze River | China

Yin and Yangtze

15 days FROM $3,429
Giant pandas | China

Classic China & Chengdu

12 Days FROM $3,499
Turpan | The Silk Road | China

Silk Road Adventure

15 days FROM $5,699
The Great Wall of China | China

Totally China

18 days FROM $4,299

Xi'an Hotels

If you are planning a Xi'an holiday, have a look at some of the accommodation that we recommend. 'Our Rating' indicates how we feel each property rates according to normal Western hotel standards. 'Local Rating' indicates how the property is categorised/rated locally:

Grand Metropark Hotel Xi'an

Our Category: Deluxe   |   Regional Category: 5 Star Hotel

Enjoying a remarkable setting within Xian's ancient city walls, the Grand Metropark offers elegantly furnished rooms with modern comforts as well as a host of amenities including a well-equipped business centre, a sauna and spa, and a popular restaurant specialising in local cuisine.

Sofitel Xi'an

Our Category: Deluxe   |   Regional Category: 5 Star Hotel

The majestic Sofitel Xian houses several heritage buildings of historic importance and features four restaurants and two bars. The spacious and well-appointed rooms feature ultra-modern conveniences and plush interiors, and the hotel also boasts a jacuzzi and sauna.

Accommodation on Tour

For all our tours and tailor-made holidays we provide you with a clear categorisation of all hotels we use. The REGIONAL CATEGORY indicates the local rating of each hotel in each respective country. We have also rated each hotel using OUR CATEGORY, which will be in line with generally accepted western hotel grading standards.

Basic hotels and simple accommodation is a no frills option with an adventurous authentic feel.

Standard accommodation equates to a Western 3-star standard, always featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant.

Superior accommodation equates to a Western 4-star standard, featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant and often a swimming pool and/or a fitness centre.

Deluxe accommodation equates to a Western 5-star standard, usually featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, excellent service and customer care.

Lavish accommodation equates to a Western 5-star plus standard - the creme de la creme. Featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, this accommodation is a cut above the rest. Sheer opulence!

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Here are some of the recent tailor made itineraries we have created for our clients which include a visit to Xi'an.


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