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The best time to visit Costa Rica

For a small country, Costa Rica experiences a surprising range of climatic conditions. Low temperatures affect the highlands, the cloud forest is cool with clouds of mist, the Central Valley is blessed with year-round spring-like conditions whilst the coastal regions are hot and steamy throughout the year. The dry season from mid-November to April is generally the best time to visit with far less rain throughout the Central Valley region.

The weather chart shows the average daily min and max temperatures in Celsuis and the average monthly precipitation.

Costa Rica Seasons

Enjoying an enviable location close to the equator, Costa Rica benefits from a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. The dry season typically lasts from mid-November to April with warm temperatures and sunny days with occasional northern winds in January and February. From May to mid-November the wet season kicks in with bright clear mornings and rainy afternoons. The heaviest rains come in September to October. November, December, April and May are often considered the best time to visit Costa Rica as these months fall in between seasons meaning the country is often green and refreshed.

While the wet and dry seasons dictate the general climate, the weather can also be governed by the altitude which can cause it to vary greatly. The coast is always warm and balmy throughout the year and the mountains are cool. The middle slopes (northeast) of the Central Cordillera Mountains see the lion’s share of the rainfall with over 5000 mm falling annually. There also tends to be more humidity on the Caribbean side of the country rather than the Pacific.

Costa Rica Climate | San Jose

Temp Min °C141415171717171616161413
Temp Max °C242426262726252626252524
Rainfall (mm)155204622924121124130530014541

Costa Rica Climate | Tortuguero

Temp Min °C222222232323232323232322
Temp Max °C282828292929282830292828
Rainfall (mm)310210200270280280410290140180370400