Destination Tintin!

We are proud and immensely privileged to present Tintin fans with a world premiere holiday experience. In exclusive association with Moulinsart, we bring you a rare, endorsed and never-before available opportunity to travel in the footsteps of the world’s favourite adventurer ...


Holidays in the footsteps of Tintin


In a time when television and the internet didn’t exist and travel was reserved for professional explorers, royalty or the rich - Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and the Thom(p)sons took the world to places it had never seen – serenaded occasionally by Bianca Castafiore of course. But now you can pack your bags, your binoculars and your leather valise and prepare yourself for your own mystery and adventure - Tintin style! 


Created in a collaboration with Moulinsart, the rights holders to the work of Hergé, these holidays are a tremendous combination of travel today and the original Tintin trail. Expert local guides make sure you get to know the destinations well and have a great time while you are at it; while well-known Tintinologists and members of the Moulinsart team personally accompany some expeditions. Bringing immense knowledge and passion, their insights about Hergé and his inspirations, as well as their perspectives on what these countries were like when he created the albums, will be a rich and indisputable treat for any Tintin fan.


And as Tintin and his colourful entourage manage to charm just about everybody aged 7 to 77, we’ve designed the adventures to suit all ages and degrees of Tintin mania – from true aficionados to the everyday fan.


Our maiden voyages take place in India, Egypt and Jordan - click on the icons below for a full low down of these exciting itineraries!


Please note that the copyright for all Tintin artwork displayed on our website is the exclusive property of Moulinsart - © Hergé / Moulinsart 2011


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