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Georges Remi: Alias - Hergé

A short biography on Tintin's brilliant creator:


  • 1907 Georges Remi is born into an unassuming Brussels family on 22 May.
  • 1924 He signs his drawings with the pseudonym Hergé [RG], his initials in reverse.
  • 1925 Georges Remi is recruited into the subscriptions department of Le XXe Siècle, a daily paper run by priest Norbert Wallez.
  • 1928 Hergé is charged with setting up a children’s supplement to Le XXe Siècle. The first issue of Le Petit Vingtième appears on 1 November.
  • 1929 10 January, birth of Tintin and Snowy in Le Petit Vingtième.
  • 1930 Creation of Quick and Flupke, also for Le Petit Vingtième.
  • 1932 Georges Remi marries Germaine Kieckens, Wallez’s secretary.
  • 1934 Working on The Blue Lotus with Chang, a Chinese student, convinces Hergé of the need to construct his stories in a better way, to avoid the creation of stereotypical characters and to conduct more thorough research. Casterman starts publishing the Tintin albums.
  • 1935 Creation of Jo, Zette and Jocko for French magazine Coeurs Vaillants.
  • 1940 The German invasion of Belgium puts a stop to Le XX e Siècle. Hergé goes on to publish Tintin in Le Soir which falls under the strict control of the occupying forces.
  • 1942 On Casterman’s demand, Hergé adapts the old Tintin stories in order to publish them as standardized 64-page albums in full colour.
  • 1946 On 26 September, publisher Raymond Leblanc launches Tintin magazine
  • 1950 Hergé establishes Hergé Studios to be able to bring his most prestigious project, Explorers on the Moon, to a happy conclusion.
  • 1958 Hergé experiences a personal crisis, an event which influences the album Tintin in Tibet. This story could be read as a study of loyalty.
  • 1960 Hergé slows down his working rhythm. He discovers modern art, develops a passion for painting and travels the world with his new partner, Fanny. 
  • 1977 Georges Remi marries Fanny Vlamynck on 20 May in Uccle, Brussels. 
  • 1983 Georges Remi, alias Hergé, dies in Brussels on 3 March.