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Surrounded by the beautiful Andean mountains, Ecuador’s capital has a truly beautiful setting and is the second highest capital in the world. The historical centre of Quito is known as the old town and is a maze of colonial grandeur. Once a quite run down area of the city, it was given a boost of restoration and dilapidated buildings and churches were brought back to life in 2006 when a major rejuvenation project was completed. Despite this injection of life to the area, the vibrant indigenous character wasn’t lost and the native inhabitants still frequent here.

The city’s new town is a wonderful juxtaposition of its old neighbour with mixture of tall hotels, bland government buildings and residential high rises. This is a popular place to hang out for ‘gringos’ as it contains the colourful Mariscal Sucre with its trendy cafes, cosmopolitan restaurants, funky bars and cybercafés. Although colloquially known as gringolandia (gringo-land), the area is also frequented by quitenos (people of Quito) which allows it to hang on to its Ecuadorian charm.

Popular excursions within the city include the Casa del Alabado Museum of pre-Columbian Art, a fine collection of sculptures and artworks in the old town as well as the nearby Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus (Church of the Company of Christ).

To get you started with planning your holiday to Quito, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands | Ecuador | South America
Galapagos Discovered
6 days FROM $5,369

Every year the Galapagos Islands tempt throngs of travellers to its shores in search of unique wildlife and other-worldly landscapes. Explore these volcanic islands on board a 6 day cruise, hopping from island to island, discovering what makes it so special.

The Galapagos Islands | Ecuador | South America
Galapagos Encounters
7 days FROM $6,229

Boasting an incredible array of endemic species from the blue-footed booby to the marine iguana, the Galapagos Islands are a true nature lovers’ paradise. Get up close and personal with the resident wildlife on an unforgettable 7 day cruise of these famed islands.

The Anahi Catamaran | The Galapagos Islands | Ecuador | South America
Ultimate Galapagos
10 days FROM $8,909

Encounter sea lion colonies basking on pristine beaches, giant tortoises, iguanas, blue footed boobies and more in the wildlife rich Galapagos islands, on this once in a lifetime 8 day cruise around the remote and beautiful volcanic islands which once inspired Darwin himself.

The Amazon | South America
Ecuador Explorer
13 days FROM $1,899

Discover the highlights of Ecuador with this tour that takes you from the dizzy heights of Quito, through colourful Indian market towns and gorgeous countryside, to the Amazon rainforest and back again.

By the coast in Peru | South America
Quito to Coast
17 Days FROM $2,149

From the capital of Peru, through the searing northern Peruvian desert, into the dense Amazon rainforest. Into the lush green valleys of the Ecuadorian Andes mountains, this great trip has it all for those interested in natural beauty and the history before the Incas and Spaniards!

The Amazon | South America
Journey to the Equator
37 days FROM $6,439

Journey through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery as we explore the highlights of Peru and end in Bolivia’s beautiful capital. Experience the Amazon Jungle and Lake Titicaca, and hike the legendary Inca Trail. Visit one of the deepest canyons in the world and the remarkable desert etchings of Nazca.

The Galapagos Islands | Ecuador | South America
Darwin’s Eden
9 days FROM $6,639

Travel to the islands that gave birth to Darwin’s theory of evolution with this classic tour of Quito and the Galápagos. Snorkel in marine-rich waters, hike through fragrant forests, trek across barren fields of hard lava and keep those binoculars to hand for the staggering array of wildlife waiting to greet you.

Driving up to one of Ecuador's beautiful volcanoes on a n Ecuador Tour
Avenue of the Volcanoes
13 days FROM $5,669

Discover the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes with this adventure from colonial Quito to coastal Guayaquil taking in the market town of Otavalo, impressive Cotopaxi National Park and its snow-capped volcanoes, the glittering Quilotoa crater, gorgeous Cuenca and a thrilling ride on the ‘Devil’s Nose’ train.

The Galapagos Islands | Ecuador | South America
Wilds of Ecuador
16 days FROM $8,999

Embark on an incredible adventure through the wilds of Ecuador from the lush Amazon rainforest to the volcanic islands of the Galápagos, teeming with endemic species. Explore colonial Quito, cross the Equator, shop till you drop at Otavalo market and soak up the grandeur of Cuenca.

Tailormade Holidays to Quito

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