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The best time to visit Egypt

Egypt is a year round destination - although the summer months can be particularly hot, especially towards the south of Egypt in Luxor and Aswan. The best time to visit Egypt is from September through to April. Christmas, New Year and Easter are very popular times to visit Egypt, so it's wise to book early.

The weather chart shows the average daily minimum and maximum temperatures in Celsius and the average monthly precipitation.

Egypt's Seasons

Summer: Temperatures in Egypt and Jordan are generally high, particularly during the summer months from May to August, when the sun can be very strong, so take plenty of sunscreen. It's still fine to visit Egypt at these times of year and the heat is more dry than humid.

Winter: In Cairo and the Nile Delta region, winter (October to February) can be cooler - so take a jacket, long-sleeved tops and trousers for the cooler evenings. The south remains warm during this time but again, temperatures do drop in the evenings. This is the best time to visit Egypt if you want to avoid the hot sun. September, March and April are also pleasant and good months to visit Egypt too.

North Egypt Climate | Cairo

Temp Min °C8911141720232321181410
Temp Max °C192024283234363633302621
Rainfall (mm)1448700105413

South Egypt Climate | Luxor

Temp Min °C781217212425252219138
Temp Max °C232529353941414139352924
Rainfall (mm)1013102011304316

Red Sea Climate | Hurghada

Temp Min °C111215192224252524211612
Temp Max °C212225293335353433292622
Rainfall (mm)000000001000

If you are planning on taking an overnight felucca cruise or camping in Egypt's western oases, you'd be best to pack a lightweight or heavy sleeping bag depending on the time of year. If travelling onto Jordan, bedding is provided at our Wadi Rum camp year round, though in winter you'd be best to bring along a sleeping bag for additional warmth as night time temperatures fall close to zero.