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For a holiday in Egypt that's out of the ordinary, consider our unique tours which combine the highlights of ancient Egypt, with a special visit to Abu Simbel at dawn for the Sun Festival. Our Sun Festival tours, coincide with the birthday (21 October) and coronation day (21 February) of King Ramses II. With incredible architectural precision, Ramses II had his entire temple carefully angled and oriented for the sun's rays to illuminate the temple's inner sanctum just twice a year - on his date of his ascension to the throne and on his birthday.

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Our sun festival tours to Egypt

Glory of Light
9 days | FROM USD $1,729

Add an extra special element to your Egyptian holiday by combining it with the magical Abu Simbel Sun Festival. Pyramids and Sphinx, felucca sailing on the Nile, the Valley of the Kings and energetic Cairo all in 9 fun filled days!

Countries Visited: Egypt
Chase the Sun
10 Days | FROM USD $1,729

Experience the best of Egypt, from the legendary Pyramids of Giza and iconic Sphinx to the River Nile and vast Valley of the Kings, plus witness the extraordinary Sun Festival at Abu Simbel.

Countries Visited: Egypt
Ramses Sunrise
10 days | FROM USD $2,379

See the best of ancient Egypt with the luxury of a 5 star Nile cruiser & hotels. Explore pyramids, temples & tombs & top it off with the amazing Sun Festival of King Ramses II - observe the awesome spectacle as sunlight floods the temple of Abu Simbel.

Countries Visited: Egypt
Jewel of the Nile Sun Festival
11 days | FROM USD $2,379

Premium Tour. Staying in luxurious hotels and cruising aboard a five star Nile cruiser, see the best of ancient Egypt and get the rare opportunity to witness the grand Sun Festival of King Ramses II at legendary Abu Simbel on this first-class tour.

Countries Visited: Egypt
King Ramses Sun Festival
13 days | FROM USD $1,799

See the mighty pyramids, witness the spectacular Sun Festival at Abu Simbel, then set sail down the Nile onboard a traditional felucca. Followed by sightseeing in Luxor and relaxation on the beach in Hurghada. Bliss!

Countries Visited: Egypt

The architectural brilliance of the ancient Egyptians

The original Abu Simbel temple was built in the 13th century BC by King Ramses II, who commissioned the structure to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh. With 4 separate statues depicting Ramses at various stages of his adult life at the temple's entrance, it’s an impressive monument before one even enters. Carved out of the mountainside, the temple’s inner sanctum also has 4 statues; 3 of which - Amun-Re, Re-Herakhte and Ramses the god - are illuminated by the sun’s rays twice a year on the sun festival, whilst the statute of Ptah (the god of darkness) remains in the shadows. But the wonders don’t stop there. In the late 1960's, the shoreline of Lake Nasser was in danger of eroding the temple foundations and damaging it permanently. Engineers relocated the temple further up the bank, though it now aligns with the sun a day later than it did in Ramses’ day. In a way, it’s a fitting tribute to the building prowess of the ancient Egyptians!

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Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.