Cairo to Luxor Nile Cruise - 14 days

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Cruise from Cairo to Luxor along a route of the Nile that has been closed for 15 years! Explore the legendary sites of Giza, Luxor and Aswan as well as lesser-known temples, necropolises, tombs and ancient statues along the way with plenty of relaxation on the Nile.

Day 1: Cairo
Welcome to Cairo, the city of 1000 minarets! We’ll meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. The rest of your day is free for you to explore Cairo at leisure or just relax in the hotel and prepare for your luxury Nile Cruise. Overnight - Cairo
Day 2: Pyramids of Giza and Egyptian Museum
After breakfast embark on a fascinating tour of some of Cairo’s best sites, starting, of course, with the famous Pyramids of Giza. These brilliant feats of engineering are the sole survivor of the Great Wonders of the Ancient World. You'll also visit the Sphinx, a marvellous 45 metre lion’s body with 15 metre paws and the head of a human. Carved out of natural rock it is the largest monolith statue in the world standing an impressive 73.5 metres tall.

Later on head over to the famous Egyptian Museum, home to King Tutankhamen’s treasures including the iconic gold death mask. At the famous Khan el Khalili bazaar you'll have free time to explore and shop for souvenirs. Afterwards you'll be transferred for embarkation on your Nile cruise with dinner served on board. Overnight - onboard cruiser - Cairo (B, D)
An Egyptian man and his donket at Sakkara - Flickr photo credit Egraf
Cairo-Beni Suef. This morning set sail up the Nile to Beni Suef, a city south of Cairo famous for its cotton spinning and carpet weaving. It takes approximately 12 hours to sail to Beni Suef.

It has been 15 years since any tourist has had the privilege of sailing up the Nile from Cairo to Luxor. Due to concerns over the water levels in this part of the river, cruises ceased in 1997. The cruises are now back up and running and passengers now have the opportunity to visit the limestone temple of Abydos, the tombs of Beni Hassan and the chapels and shrines of the Denderah Temple. Be one of the first to visit these wonderful parts of the Nile once more! Overnight - onboard cruiser - Beni Suef (B, L, D)
Day 4: Hawara & Maydom
Beni Suef – Hawara. The pyramid of Maydom was built by King Sneferu, the father of Khufu and developer of the true pyramids and a new technique for construction. The earliest true pyramid at Maydom began as a step pyramid with inward leaning walls and eight levels. After 14 years of work on the pyramid, Sneferu moved his burial ground to the north of Dashur and the pyramid at Maydom was abandoned for unknown reasons.

We also visit the pyramid of Amenemhet III is located in Hawara, part of the Fayoum depression. Amenemhet III was the last powerful ruler of the 12th Dynasty and the pyramid he built is believed to post date the so-called Black Pyramid built by the same ruler at Dahshur. Due to erosion and the looting of much of the stone for the building of monuments for later Pharaohs, the pyramid resembles more of a pyramid-like shaped hill.

Drive back to the boat where the remainder of the day can be spent at leisure watching the world go by from the sundeck or make the most of the ship's recreation rooms. Overnight - onboard cruiser - Beni Suef (B, L, D)
Beni Hasam on the Nile - Flickr Credit cosmos45
Day 5: Minya
Beni Suef - Minya - Ashmunein. Today sail to Minya, home to the highest concentration of Christian Coptic in Egypt. Arriving after lunch spend the afternoon visiting the sites of Tuna El Gebel and Ashmunein. At the necropolis of Tuna El Gebel you'll find catacombs thousands of sacred mummies were stored whilst the open-air museum of Ashmunein displays two large reconstructed baboon statues representing the god Thoth. Overnight - onboard cruiser - Minya (B, L, D)
Day 6: Beni Hassan
Beni Hassan – Tel El Amarna. This morning visit the extensive archaeological site of Tel El Amarna exploring the northern tombs and the Great Palace of King Akhenaten. The site, located on the East Bank of the Nile, was briefly a capital in the late Eighteenth Dynasty (1353 BC). After lunch back on board transfer to Beni Hassan home to a total of 39 tombs only 4 of which are accessible to the public, including Tomb 15 that contains very ornate drawings of wrestling from ancient times. Overnight - onboard cruiser - Minya (B, L, D)
Day 7: Assuit
Beni Hassan - Assuit. Today's full day of sailing brings you to Assuit, home to an ancient and modern city of the same name. Make the most of the ship's facilities with options of afternoon tea and cocktails in the lounge bar or swimming in the on-deck pool as the sights of the Nile pass you by. Overnight - onboard cruiser - Assuit (B, L, D)
The intricately carved pillars at Abydos
Day 8: Abydos
Assuit – Sohag - Abydos. The ship continues to ply its route arriving into Sohag after lunch. This afternoon get back onto dry land and visit the temples of Abydos, one of ancient Egypt's oldest cities and a burial place where some of the first kings of Egypt were buried. Remains from the earlier Predynastic period have also been found here and the complex is famed for the inscription of cartouches (Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting royal names) listed in chronological order.

Back on the cruise ship, tonight's entertainment is a Black & White party so have your outfits ready! Overnight - onboard cruiser - Sohag (B, L, D)
Day 9: Qena
Sohag - Qena. Today the boat spends the day sailing to Qena. Along the way the boat will pass two locks and the Railway Bridge in Naga Hammadi. It's another day to relax and soak up the Egyptian sun. Overnight - onboard cruiser - Qena (B, L, D)
The world famous Valley of the Kings
Day 10: Dendera
Qena - Luxor. This morning visit the temple of Dendera, one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. The temple is dedicated to Hathor, the God of joy, dance and love. Hathor was famous for having amazing healing powers and it was not uncommon for the sick to journey here in order to be cured.

Upon return to the boat you will set sail for Luxor, the world's largest open air museum. Enjoy your last meal on board as after lunch you will disembark and transfer to a hotel in Luxor. Overnight - Luxor (B, L)
Day 11: Luxor & the Valley of the Kings
Today is an early start with a visit to the legendary Colossi of Memnon - a massive pair of statues that stand silent against the backdrop of history, the Valley of the Kings and the awesome ramped and colonnaded Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. The Valley of the Kings is studded with often highly decorated tombs, constructed to once house the regal sarcophagi enclosed mummies of the mighty pharaohs awaiting their passage into the afterlife.

In the afternoon transfer to the East bank where the temples of Karnak and Luxor are located. More than a temple, Karnak is a spectacular complex of sanctuaries, pylons and obelisks built on a grand scale. During the height of Theban power, Karnak was the most important place of worship. Overnight - Luxor (B)
The Philae Temple at Aswan
Day 12: Edfu & Kom Ombo
Luxor - Aswan. After breakfast climb aboard a coach for your journey to Aswan. En route visit the Horus temple in Edfu and the Horarrios and Sobek temple in Kom Embo. Edfu is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt and is dedicated to the God of falcons, Horus. After hotel check in enjoy a spot of felucca sailing around the islands in the Nile and later in the evening explore the local markets of Aswan. Overnight - Aswan (B)
A traditional felucca sailing in the Nile
Day 13: Philae Temple & High Dam
Aswan - Cairo. After a hearty breakfast begin a full day's sightseeing in Aswan, taking in Philae Temple and the mighty Aswan High Dam. Philae Temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis and dates back to the 4th Century BC. After the building of the Aswan Dam, rising waters lapped and surged around the temple. When it became apparent that the new High Dam would submerge Philae forever, a massive operation relocated the temple to Agilika Island. You'll also visit the unfinished obelisk, one third larger than any obelisk ever erected in ancient Egypt.

The afternoon offers some free time before a transfer to the railway station for your overnight sleeper train back to Cairo. Overnight - Overnight sleeper train (B, D)
Day 14: Cairo
On arrival into Cairo railway station we will be there to transfer you to a hotel in town where you have a day use room so that you can freshen up after your overnight journey. Today marks the end of your journey and we will transfer you to the airport in time for your onward departure flight. (B)
Tour Details
  • Starts in: Cairo / Ends in: Cairo
  • Departs: Various dates all year round
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:13, Lunch: 8, Dinner: 9
  • Hotel Rating: Deluxe 5 star Nile Cruiser
  • Tour Guide: Yes - for included sightseeing
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