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Postcards from Egypt

Here's what some of our past traveller's have to say about their holiday with us:


Thank you for a very enjoyable experience.

Chantelle Hutchinson , Feb 2014

   Egypt Unplugged - 11 days

Dear On The Go,

I would like to take this time to thank you for an incredible tour! My wife and I chose the Dunes and Tombs tour because we sought an adventurous, historically rich and interesting tour. You sure did deliver! Everything we did and saw was fantastic, but what stood out for me the most was camel riding by the pyramids, camping overnight in the White Desert, riding a felucca along the Nile, witnessing Abu Simbel and finally relaxing in Hurghada. This tour was truly remarkable and the sights will remain in our memories forever. However, what made our trip the most memorable was our guide, Mahmoud Ramadan!

When we first met Mahmoud on day one of the tour, he immediately showed us his approachability and kindness. As the tour progressed, these characteristics never wavered. He constantly offered guidance and suggestions to make us feel comfortable and at ease. I never once felt uneasy asking for anything. Furthermore, he called our hotel rooms many times to see if the room was to our liking or if there was anything he could do for us to make our stay better. I've never encountered such dedication towards our comfort.

Mahmoud was extremely knowledgeable of the historical sites we visited. He knew all the names of important figures by heart, as well as the meaning of hieroglyphs found in tombs and temples. Listening to his knowledge of these sites made our trip even more worthwhile. He was very animated with his storytelling. He really made us appreciate the history of Egypt. On top of that, he explained often of current Egyptian culture. He also explained the history and differences between Islamic and Coptic and the influences of the Roman and Greek world on Egyptian architecture and art. He helped us learn essential words in Arabic, customs and even the current political situation, which I found very informative and interesting. He is very well-rounded.

All in all, Mahmoud was an outstanding and professional guide. The tour would not have been the same without him. He was very courteous and made every attempt at making our stay pleasant. I've been on many tours and by far he is the best. I plan to recommend this tour to friends and family and to request him as their guide. When we visit Jordan and/or revisit Egypt with On The Go, we will seek Mahmoud!

Thank you On The Go for a lovely experience!

Patrick Mifsud , Feb 2014

   Dunes and Tombs - 18 days


I wanted to send you an email to express how much I enjoyed my tour "Dunes and Tombs" from Jan 20th to Feb 07th. It was the perfect combination of adventure, sight seeing and relaxation. My favourite sights were the Karnak temple, Luxor temple by night and of course, Abu Simbel. I also enjoyed the fact that we were able to relax in Hurghada for a few days but I wish On The Go gave us more activities to do.

My favourite part of the entire trip was the Western desert. The Bahariyya Oasis and the White Our hotel in Bahariyya was absolutely incredible. It was charming and gorgeous. I absolutely loved visiting the old, abandoned city of Bahr. It was very humbling to see the people who still live there. It was the first place I bought a souvenir from. So refreshing to buy something handmade and locally made that isn't made in China, like everything at the tourist sights.

Finally, I wanted to end this review with a commentary about my guide, Mahmoud Ramadan. He was absolutely, 100% AMAZING.
1) He is so passionate about his job. He loves Egypt, Egyptology, guiding and monuments.

2) He is respectful. He never forced our group to buy anything. He gave us lots of time at every sight. Even when we only had 15 mins, he always asked us how much time WE wanted.

3) He is so knowledgable. He knew what every hieroglyph, monument, time line of history, background information, biographies, currency exchange....anything...he knew it. To have a guide who is able to guide us and help us is so priceless.

4) He is kind and funny. He always made every single sight enjoyable and fun. An 18 day tour can be very tiring. Even by the end of the tour, I was still excited to see things.

5) He goes the extra mile. I went on this tour as a part of my honeymoon. He made every part of this trip so memorable for us. When we were least expecting it, he surprised us with local sweets. He always had coins handy if I needed to use the toilet and forgot my extra pounds. He toasted us at restaurants. When we wanted to do extra things, he organized those trips. He was always ready to help us. Even when we had free time and he should have been relaxing, he called our room EVERY DAY to ask if our room was perfect. He made sure that our room was extra special (made sure the hotel gave us flowers one time) because he knew this was our honeymoon.

To be perfectly honest, when I come back to Egypt, I will use On The Go but ONLY if Mahmoud is my guide. He was so great and I really hope your company recognizes what a great asset he is.

Anika Munshi, Feb 2014

   Dunes and Tombs - 18 days


I’ve just returned from doing the King Tutankhamen tour with on the go 3 Jan – 12 Jan with our tour guide Mo Mo.
I would like to pass on some feedback about the tour organisation as well as Mo Mo. I’ve travelled a fair bit and also done 3 Contiki tours, and I have to commend On the Go tours for their exceptional service from the minute we arrived at the airport to the time that we were dropped back at the airport. I didn’t have to worry about anything as it was all done for us which made the trip even more amazing than what it already was.
Mo Mo is one of the most down to earth, knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides/human’s possible. His depth of knowledge is incredible and it really shone through, throughout the tour. I know what I have learnt throughout the 9 day tour will stay with me forever. You could tell his enthusiasm for his job and that he wasn’t just relaying the information as though it was read directly from a book. He shows pure commitment, passion & dedication and I felt he always went above and beyond to ensure that our group had the best time possible and that we were always well looked after. We became a ‘family’ travelling and not strangers and was a huge credit to Mo Mo and his great nature. He is an absolute credit to your company.
Thank you to On the Go & Mo Mo for one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had, and I will be sure to encourage all of my friends to add Egypt to their travel list. I look forward to my return and future trips with On the Go.

Crystal Berwick, Jan 2014

   King Tutankhamen - 9 days

Best tour ever!

Peter Stewart, Jan 2014

   Festive King Tut - 9 days

Dear Sam,

I have just returned from the best holiday and best adventure I have ever had in my life. This trip was not just money well spent - it was an investment, an investment in self-enrichment second to none.

The service we had from your tour guides and local representatives was excellent throughout. Upon arrival, a gentleman (in every sense of that word) called Alberto rescued us from the bowels of Cairo International Airport and whisked us through the administration of our entry into Egypt in record time. It was effortless, and an utter pleasure, thanks to Alberto.

Throughout our tour, we had not a care in the world, and felt free to enjoy to the utmost everything we saw and experienced because we knew that we were in expert hands - those of Alam Otg. Thanks to your local reps, namely Ahmed (in Luxor) and Heni (Dahab), we never had one hitch or delay waiting for transport. How they managed this was quite astonishing.

As you know, the second round of the Egyptian Revolution started while we were in Egypt. We returned by train from Luxor early on Saturday 29 June. Alam told us that, in view of the protesters setting up in Tahrir Square, he felt that we should go straight to Cairo Museum. We all agreed, and what a smart move that was! We almost had the museum to ourselves, and could view the most important exhibits, e.g. the contents of Tutankhamen's tomb, at leisure! It also meant that afterwards we could drive through the now world-famous Tahrir Square on the way to Cairo Market, the Old City, a glorious luncheon and a perfumery. Everyone I know who has gone to Cairo Museum, has told me to brace myself for a jam-packed crowd, and I expected this to be a disappointment. Alam's decision to go early had turned it into a boon for us. Damn, was I happy!

At Dahab, Alam Otg again did some smart thinking on the wing, which had to do with the removal of Morsi by the military and the possibility of trouble could escalate in Cairo. Alam got to work and arranged for us to stay an extra day in Dahab and upgrade to a flight from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo International so as to arrive an hour or two before our departure to South Africa. Well, you have no idea how happy we were to spend another day snorkeling, dining and shopping in beautiful Dahab. The flight back also saved us loads of time and energy, and enabled me to have a bird's eye view of the stepped pyramid complex at Sakkara (one of my favourites) as our plane banked to land after crossing the Nile to approach the runway from the west. I could have reached down and touched the pyramid, it was so close and clear!

When we went to Sharm El Sheik Airport, Alam had a guide take us there, and he helped us book in, and went to the trouble of helping us book our luggage straight through to OR Tambo in Johannesburg. This was so thoughtful, and spared us trekking through Cairo Airport with loads of luggage. This man finally delivered us into the departure lounge - ! - where I happened to have one of the best capuccinos and chocolate cake ever.

Upon arrival in Cairo, I was the only On The Go Tourist on the flight (some had come an hour earlier and some would come an hour later). As I entered the airport I braced myself, a bit daunted at having to find my way - and out of the crowd popped a man saying "On The Go?" I simply could not believe it! Like a guardian angel he saw me straight through to the departure lounge!

I must also commend you on the excellent hotels we stayed in throughout, the very best of which were The Oasis (Giza), The Sonesta St George (Luxor) and The Mercure Bay View (Dahab). The Isis in Aswan was also very good, and well located on the waterfront. Every hotel had a wonderful swimming pool, which was enjoyed by all, especially since we were there in the Egyptian summer.

Our felucca boat ride was equally wonderful, especially the swimming, the amazing food prepared on the support boat, the evening spent smoking shisha pipe inside the Nubian farmstead, the friendliness of the felucca sailors (Jalufa and his mates) and, of course, our eternal companion: Stella! By the time we disembarked at Kom Ombo Temple, I was so relaxed and completely de-stressed. And this brings me to another point that I loved about our tour: the periods of intense site seeing were so well balanced by periods of relaxation (on the felucca, the train, and on the beach).

Alam (our tour guide throughout our tour) was very knowledgeable, and provided us with invaluable nuggets of information, while avoiding getting bogged down in too much detail. The amount of information was, therefore, perfect, as was its content. One of my lines of study has been an MA on the history of Judaism from 587 BC up until the 3rd century AD. Jewish history is intertwined with Egyptian history, which is largely used to date Jewish events. After out tour, I am reading a book on re-dating Old Testament events using a different chronology based on Egyptian history. Our tour has provided a perfect introduction and back-drop to this fascinating book ('A Test Of Time' by David Rohl).

I see that you have won wonderful accolades for your excellent tours, and I can understand why. Keep up this good work. I have already recommended you to people I know who are planning tours abroad.

Lastly, there was Egypt herself. I fell in love with Egypt - infatuated, in fact. I feel as if I left something of myself there, and I will surely have to return to find it. And when I return, it will most definitely be with On The Go!

So, I am so very grateful to my travel agent (Jessica Cameron of Flight Centre, Mimosa Mall, Bloemfontein) for recommending Egypt and On The Go Tours. And I am very grateful to On The Go Tours Egypt for making this the experience of a lifetime.
Dr George Bentley Dennill

Dr George Bentley Dennill, Nov 2013

   King Ramses - 14 days

The question I have to ask myself is why I have I taken until the age of 54 to visit Egypt for the first time. Oh my what a spectacular and varied country - so much history and then so much natural beauty - snorkelling in the red sea was breathtaking.

Full marks to 'on the go tours' from the minute I walked through the airport doors a rep was there to meet me and he kindly saw me through immigration, collection of baggage and customs it was so easy and quick and the same applied to when I left the country.

I chose the King Ramses - 14 day tour - it was absolutely excellent. The tour covered all the major sites and events and also we had lots of down time to absorb and relax and enjoy the surroundings. Alum our tour guide was brilliant he was kind, sensitive with a fabulous sense of humour - his knowledge and explanations were outstanding and he gave us enough information I never felt saturated!!!
my holiday and journey to Egypt was absolutely wonderful and it was with a heavy heart I waved Cairo farewell in the early hours of Saturday the 6th of July 2013 - the experience surpassed all my expectations.

Thank you to Alum you really were pivotal in what was the most extraordinary and wonderful experience and I wish you and your colleagues good health and happiness and thank you to you all for a wonderful holiday which I have wanted to make since I was a young girl and I will never forget your beautiful country Egypt.

Kerri Webber, Jul 2013

   King Ramses - 14 days

Dear On the Go,

I on the 17th May 2013 had the great pleasure of taking part in your 14 day King Ramses tour of Egypt with Alam Otg as our tour guide. I personally want to thank Alam and all the other wonderful On The Go tours staff. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Cairo every need and want you could imagine was met, nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with a smile. Alam's passion, enthusiasm and love for his country made in my opinion not just me but our whole tour group fall in love with Egypt. I felt safe and welcomed by everyone we met. Again I would like to thank Alam and On the Go for a magical unforgettable experience. I will highly recommend On the Go to all my friends and family and I look forward to exploring more of what this great planet has to offer with On the Go.

Yours Truly
Leah Mayne

Leah Mayne, Jul 2013

   Festive King Ramses - 14 days
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