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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Egypt. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

5-star Nile Cruise Boat | Egypt

Very well organised, a great mix of sightseeing and free time to enjoy the Nile as we cruised along.

All transfers were efficient and on time.

Our guide was very generous with his time and the additional information he gave us about life in Egypt was most interesting.

He was also very generous with his iPhone switching on his 'hot spot' to allow us to send emails home, in areas where we had no wifi available - I hope his phone bill was not huge!

The low point was the overnight train to Luxor, it was not very pleasant, I should have flown.

The people on the group were all terrific.”  

The Sphinx | Giza | Egypt

All I can say is WOW. I have never had a trip as amazing as I did with OTG. The smooth and seamless operation of pulling it all together is remarkable, from the moment you arrive in Egypt there is someone waiting and assisting you. Achmat was there on arrival his friendly face welcoming you into the chaos that is Cairo. It’s a huge help having him there to assist you in going through immigration and customs and then even more of a blessing when you step out of the airport into a myriad of taxi drivers all vying for your attention and business.

My guide Dino, was phenomenal to say the least. His wealth of knowledge and expertise really made him stand out in my mind as one of the best guides I have had. As I had been to Egypt before my goal was to experience the real Egypt and be a part of the local culture. This was 100% achieved.

I was impressed that on day 2 at our welcome briefing just how honest he was with what to expect. So many other guides from my travels around the world sugar coat local situations, trying to ease the transition from Western Culture into Middle Eastern Culture.

The hotels that were selected for this trip were superb, right from location through to the amenities that they offered. They were all clean and the staff friendly. Even when I was locked out of my room 

As a single traveller I am always nervous about going on group tours as you never know who you are sharing with unless you pay for the single supplement. I don’t like doing single supplements as its almost like separating your self from the group. Part of OTG tours is to form relationships and bonds with your fellow travellers & OTG did such a great job with this. You paired me with such a wonderful person who contributed and made my trip all that more memorable.

Along the way we bumped into Sam who happened to be the tour guide who looked after my cousins on their trip in December and together him and Dino really made me feel like part of the family and a colleague (being that I am a travel agent)

Everything from the Hotels to the Felucca to the transfers and everything in between was so thought out and well executed that I could not find a flaw at all.

On the last day I had the privilege of having Zuzu take us around Cairo and the Museum and this in itself was a treat. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is ready to impart and I am so glad to hear that he is back as part of the family.

I feel very privileged to be associated with a company of such a high calibre and I completely understand where you get your reputation from.

Thank you for welcoming me into the OTG family.

PS: If you are hiring please shout.. very interested  ”  

Angela Miles • King Tutankhamen - 9 days
The Sphinx | Giza | Egypt

My partner and I had a wonderful adventure. We enjoyed every moment of our tour. Although I have already personally sent some feedback about how much we enjoyed ourselves, on discussion with my partner we would like to recommend our guide for a tour leader award. I was once a tour guide myself and thought that Mahmoud was excellent, a really lovely and knowledgeable person, for whom we feel a great deal of respect.”  

Alison Milburn • King Tutankhamen - 9 days
The Sphinx | Giza | Egypt

We returned yesterday after a fabulous stay in Egypt. We have enjoyed every minute and found the tour well balanced, informative and entertaining! For myself, having waited 40 years to see the sights and experience the culture, I was not disappointed, and the trip fulfilled all my expectations. Our hotels were great and the service too, we had great food and felt well cared for.

Our tour guide was excellent, always good humoured, helpful and a mine of information. Nothing was too much trouble and our group all enjoyed his company. His extensive archaeological knowledge and willingness to talk about Egyptian life and history made every excursion interesting and exciting and we appreciated his help with the street traders, language, and cultural differences that we encountered..

Thanks to all who were involved with the planning and coordination of the tour. We will be recommending others to follow in our footsteps to Egypt with your company.”  

Alison Milburn • King Tutankhamen - 9 days
The Sphinx | Giza | Egypt

Our time with Mahmoud was excellent. His knowledge of all things for Ancient Egypt and his enthusiasm was suburb and really added to the enjoyment of our trip. He was always on hand to give us advise and support. He went out of his way to ensure that we had every opportunity to see and experience all that was on offer. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Egypt and would have no problems in recommending this tour to friends and family. I would like to thank Mahmoud for making our trip so special.”  

Jackie North • King Tutankhamen - 9 days
By the beach in Hurghada | Egypt

I have just recently returned from my trip to Egypt and would like to thank On The Go for an exceptional holiday. The King Ramses tour offered our group the ability to see the many historical sites as well as enjoy pure relaxation at the Red Sea. With thanks to the many OTG reps as well as our tour guide Mohamed Saiid (aka Momo) the entire trip ran smoothly without any issues.

Egypt is a magical place, but I believe that much of the reason for why our group had such an amazing time was because of our tour guide Momo. His outgoing and personable demeanour ensured that everyone in our group felt safe, comfortable and taken care of every step of the way. I can confidently say that his knowledge and passion for Egypt is second to none and truly believe that we couldn't have asked for a better person to guide us around this incredible country.

Thanks to On The Go (but mostly Momo!) I have made some life long friendships and will be considering another OTG tour in the near future. ”  

Jennifer Rai • King Ramses - 14 days
Temple of the Oracle | Siwa Oasis | Egypt

The itinerary gave a very good impression of Egypt helped by an informative and personable tour guide.We were very fortunate with the make up of the group which with one exception gelled really well and helped to make the holiday so memorable.”  

Abu Simbel | Egypt

We have just returned from the “Ramses Sunrise Festival-Jewel of the Nile” tour and couldn’t be happier we picked this tour company. We arrived in Cairo from Amman, Jordan having finished their “Passage to Petra” tour (Jordan is awesome and everything is planned so well). Met at the airport, through visa and customs and off to our hotel in Giza with a stop for photos of the Nile River. Views of the Pyramids from our room and our guide Mohamed was so informative and personable. Unfortunately because of the negative media about the region, we (my wife and I) were the only members of the tour. This did not deter Mohamed from showing us all the important points of interest. If only more people would turn off their TV’s and just come to Egypt. After our tour of the museum, “Kiro” from Cairo whisked us off to our overnight train to Luxor where we met up with one of the nicest and most informative guides we have met, Aamer. From now on whenever we see hieroglyphics we will think of Aamer. Luxor, Aswan and all the sights (including the 4 night cruise) passed quickly as we enjoyed the most memorable vacation of our lives. The sunrise festival was a sight to behold and made even more memorable by Aamer’s wonderful byplay of information and friendship. If you can find the time to go to Jordan or Egypt, do yourself a favor and book with this company. In Jordan ask for Ogla - absolutely great guide. In Egypt ask for Mohamed in Cairo and definitely Aamer in Luxor. These guides and your tour company made this our trip of a lifetime. What a fantastic adventure!!!”  

Dennis Hall • Ramses Sunrise - 11 days
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