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Sample Itinerary - REF EGYPT 4389

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Pyramid at Giza

Day 1: Cairo

Welcome to Egypt and the start of your Egyptian adventure! Upon your arrival into Cairo you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

Close up of Sphinx

Day 2: Cairo

Today, we visit Giza Plateau, where we explore the pyramids and Sphinx. It is estimated Cheops (the largest of the pyramids) was constructed from no less than 2.5million quarried limestone blocks, weighing around 6 million tonnes. Later we explore Saqqara - an ancient necropolis with many half-buried tombs and Memphis.

King Tutankhamen's mask

Day 3: Cairo

Today we take a guided sightseeing tour of Dahshur, with its long field of pyramids from the 4th and 12th dynasty. Enjoy the remains of today at your leisure.

Day 4: Cairo - Luxor

We take a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum today. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, commonly referred to as the Egyptian Museum is home to an extensive collection of some 120 000 ancient Egyptian antiquities, with a representative amount on display and the remainder in storerooms. Opt to visit the Royal Mummy Room, where 9 royal mummies from the New Kingdom are displayed. Later, we board the overnight sleeper train bound for Luxor.

Valley of the Kings

Day 5: Luxor

Upon arrival in Luxor we will transfer you to your hotel for check-in. Later we visit the Luxor Museum with a guide. Enjoy the remains of the day at your leisure.

Luxor by night

Day 6: Luxor

Today we enjoy a visit to Denderah Temple. The temple of Hathor is dedicated to the goddess of love and joy, with its beautifully preserved painting of the sky and zodiac. The Chapel of the New Year, it depicts Nut swallowing the moon and giving birth to the sun, and its rays give form to Hathor. We also visit the ancient city of Abydouse.

Valley of the Kings

Day 7: Luxor

An early start to the day today for your hot air balloon flight. Imagine drifting silently over temples, not only seeing ancient sites and ruins but also villages waking up in the early morning sun. Sail through the air over sugar cane fields and temples. See desert land and the Nile in the distance. See if you can spot Medinet Habu, the Ramesseum, Temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon or maybe have a conversation with the locals as you drift a few metres from their rooftops. Later we visit Deir el Madina and the Nobels Tombs with a guide.

Entrance to a tomb

Day 8: Luxor

We visit the East Bank today with included visits to Karnak and Luxor temples. Luxor temple comprises of numerous pylons, columns, an inner sanctum and a giant granite obelisk. The temple is beautifully illuminated at night.

A camel at the pyramids

Day 9: Luxor

Today is a free day for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Hieroglyphics and figures

Day 10: Luxor - Dahabeya cruise

Get ready to cruise the Nile in style as we board our Dahabeya today. Explore Luxor’s West Bank and the atmospheric Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of the once mighty pharaohs lie amongst the desert landscapes of the Nile Valley. The highly decorated tombs, were constructed to once house the sarcophagi enclosed mummies of the pharaohs awaiting their passage into the after-life. The best known tombs are Ramses II, Seti I, Amenhotep II and of course, the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Also visit the magnificent mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, passing the imposing Colossi of Memnon en route.

Sailing the Nile

Day 11: Dahabeya cruise

At sunrise start sailing to Edfu where we visit the legendary Temple of Horus, which is the largest and most completely preserved pharaonic, albeit Greek-built, temple in Egypt and one of the last monumental temples built on a large scale. The best preserved and second largest temple in Egypt. Afterwards, return to your dahabeya and continue sailing.

Day 12: Dahabeya cruise

Sit back and relax as your luxurious Dahabeya plies its course en route to Aswan.

Sunset on the Nile

Day 13: Dahabeya cruise

Today we visit Kom Ombo - a masterpiece of Greco – Roman art in Egypt. This twin temple is dedicated to two distinct divinities, the falcon God and Sobek the crocodile God. Each of the two gods has their own entrance, court, chambers colonnade and sanctuary in this unusual double temple with its perfect symmetry. After your visit continue sailing toward Aswan. Relax on board and take in the sights along the Nile.

Day 14: Dahabeya cruise

Today we visit Aswan High Dam Philae Temple. On Agilika Island lies Philae Temple - dedicated to the goddess Isis. The temple dates from 4th century BC but the Ptolomies and the Romans up to 3rd century AD built most of the existing structures. After the building of the first Aswan Dam, rising waters lapped and surged around the temple. When it became apparent, the new High Dam would submerge Philae forever, a massive operation relocated the temples on Agilika Island.

Day 15: Dahabeya cruise - Aswan

Today we disembark from our Dahabeya and transfer to your hotel in Aswan. The remainder of the day is free for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Trajan's Kiosk, Philae

Day 16: Aswan

Today enjoy the amazing experience of visiting a Nubian Village with your guide where you have the chance to mingle with the locals. Later, visit the Aswan museum and take a felucca trip around Kitchener Island.

Abu Simbel, Aswan

Day 17: Aswan

Enjoy some free time today and pay a visit to the Nubian Museum with a guide.

Aswan Market

Day 18: Aswan - Abu Simbel

Today we transfer to Abu Simbel by private vehicle. Visit this extraordinary temple with a guide today. Abu Simbel, possibly the most awe-inspiring temple of all ancient Egypt, with its gigantic rock–cut façade, was created to revere the mighty ruler Ramses II. Guarding the entrance to the temple, the 4 colossal statues of Ramses II sit majestically staring out across the desert, seemingly since time began.

Visiting Abu Simbel

Day 19: Abu Simbel

Enjoy the hotel amenities today with some free time for you to relax and unwind.

Hieroglyphics at Abu Simbel

Day 20: Abu Simbel - Cairo

We transfer from your hotel to Abu Simbel airport today for your flight back to Cairo. Enjoy the remains of the day at your leisure.

Day 21: Cairo

We set off for a tour of Islamic Cairo today where we visit Ibn Touloun, Refaey and Sultan Hassan mosques.

Tea seller in Alexandria

Day 22: Cairo

Enjoy a guided tour of Coptic Cairo today. There are some of the world's oldest Christian churches here. The Hanging Church, also known as El Muallaqa was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and reputed to have been built at the end of the 3rd century.

View of the River Nile

Day 23: Cairo

Soak up Cairo at your leisure today, explore this vibrant city or relax at your hotel.

Sand and rock of the desert

Day 24: Cairo - Bahariyya Oasis

Today we transfer from Cairo to the Bahariyya Oasis - an ancient oasis dating back to the Middle Kingdom. We visit a local museum of the Golden Mummies, Qaer Selim and Bennuti Tombs, Ain Meftela and Alexander the Great. In the evening, enjoy sunset at the English House - the highest point in Bahariyya with views over the oasis.

Bahariyya building

Day 25: Bahariyya Oasis - White Desert

Today, we drive to the White Desert. En route, we visit Black Mountain and Crystal Mountain. Enjoy dinner and an overnight stay in a deluxe permanent camp in the White Desert.

Day 26: White Desert

You have a full day to enjoy and explore the landscape of the White Desert.

Out in the desert, Bahariyya

Day 27: White Desert - Cairo

Today, we transfer back to Cairo. Enjoy the remainder of today at your leisure.

Aerial view of Cairo Nile

Day 28: Cairo

Free day.

Mohammed Ali Mosque, Citidel

Day 29: Cairo

Free day.

Cairo city walls

Day 30: Cairo

Free day.

Tomato seller

Day 31: Cairo

Free day.

View of the River Nile

Day 32: Cairo

Today we bid you farewell and transfer you to the airport for your onward journey.

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