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As the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, 4000-year old Luxor has frequently been characterised as the "world's ...

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Dahabeya cruise Holidays

Sample Itinerary - REF EGYPT 4786

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Valley of the Kings

Day 1: Luxor - Dahabeya cruise

Today we collect you from Luxor airport/hotel, and transfer you to your Dahabeya, which you will board in Esna. You will begin your trip with a brief walk to the temple, a magnificent red sandstone structure built during the Ptolemaic period. Upon returning to the boat, you will be served your first meal.

Day 2: Dahabeya cruise

Upon docking, you will embark on a beautiful walk through a small fishermen village (El Kab), across the railroad tracks to visit the necropolis (Nekhbet). After the tour, you will return to the boat for lunch. In the afternoon, the boat will arrive at Edfu, home to the very famous temple dedicated to the God Horus. After returning to the boat, you will set sail for the banks of an island to spend the night.

Day 3: Dahabeya cruise

After breakfast, the trip continues with a desert walk in a valley lined with boulders covered in hieroglyphs and stone-age inscriptions. As dusk begins, you will walk through desert and mountains, tracing the beginnings of the trail that marks the shortest distance through the desert to Libya (28 days in ancient times). At night, the boat arrives at the foot of floodlit temple of Djebel Silsileh.

Day 4: Dahabeya cruise

Here, the Nile, flowing between two mountains ranges, is at its narrowest. You will be the only ones on the site, as the large Nile cruisers can only pass in the distance. We continue on to see the remains of a temple, now only visible through the stones lying on the ground with hieroglyphic carvings that speak of the site that once was.

Day 5: Dahabeya cruise

Morning trip will take you to the town and temple of Kom Ombo. The temple was originally built by Tuthmosis III in honor of Sobek, the crocodile-headed god in the 2nd century BC. After the temple visit, the boat will sail to a last stop before Aswan, where you will rest under the stars, and enjoy dinner by a desert island.

Hieroglyphics and figures

Day 6: Dahabeya cruise - Aswan

Southward bound, the ship passes under the Aswan Bridge and soon reach Aswan with its tombs of the nobles and Elaphantine Island. Here, in the very South of Egypt the cruise comes to an end. You disembark and we transfer you to your hotel for the evening.

Trajan's Kiosk, Philae

Day 7: Aswan

Today you have the optional excursion south to the Temples of Abu Simbel (Please refer to enhance your holiday page). Afterwards you return to Aswan airport where you can connect to your onward flight home.