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As the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, 4000-year old Luxor has frequently been characterised as the "world's ...

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Dahabeya cruise Holidays

Sample Itinerary - REF EGYPT 4789

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Trajan's Kiosk, Philae

Day 1: Aswan

Welcome to Aswan when you arrive at the airport we will be there to meet you and transfer you to your hotel.

Front view of Abu Simbel

Day 2: Aswan - Dahabeya cruise

This morning fly to the Temple of Abu Simbel (optional) - its an early flight! Abu Simbel is one of the greatest Egyptian monuments ever built. The entire temple was moved from the banks of Nile when Lake Nasser was formed. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Day 3: Dahabeya cruise

Morning sail to Kom Ombo to see the Ptolemaic temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon-headed Horus, god of the morning sun. Overnight moored beside a Nile island. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Hieroglyphics and figures

Day 4: Dahabeya cruise

We set off for the relaxing journey to the temple of Gebel el Silsila, another of our less frequented destinations. You will be amazed as we tie up alongside the Speos of Hormheb. If possible dinner will be served in the grounds of the illuminated temple or on the upper deck of Boat whilst soaking up the tranquil atmosphere with music to match the mood. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Day 5: Dahabeya cruise

This morning you will sail to Edfu, visit the wonderfully preserved Temple of Edfu. Overnight moored beside a Nile Island. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Valley of the Kings

Day 6: Dahabeya cruise

Sail to Esna and upon arrival we will visit Esna temple. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Karnak Temple

Day 7: Dahabeya cruise

You will visit the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at Karnak, with its vast hypostyle hall of 137 columns, followed by the imposing 28 th Dynasty Luxor Temple, and Luxor Museum . In the evening your guide will call on you for a horse-drawn carriage ride throughout Luxor souks and water front. Overnight moored in Luxor. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Day 8: Dahabeya cruise - Luxor

Breakfast aboard the dahabiyya followed by disembarkation. Overnight in Luxor. M/S Princess Judi / Amoura Dahabyia

Flowers in the oasis

Day 9: Luxor

Enjoy breakfast. Later we disembark and transfer you to the airport.