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Sample Itinerary - REF EGYPT 5138

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Pyramid at Giza

Day 1: Cairo

Arrival to Cairo, North Africa’s largest city. Entering the arrivals hall you will see our friendly local team waiting to transfer you to your hotel.

Close up of Sphinx

Day 2: Cairo

Today we visit the Pyramids of Giza. Rising above the beige coloured desert sand, the Pyramids at Giza Plateau are the planet’s oldest tourist attraction. Gaze in awe at Cheops (Khufu) - the largest of the three great pyramids. Constructed from over 2.5 million limestone blocks, it is thought to have taken more than 20 years to construct. Afterwards we tour the tomb-strewn necropolis of Saqqara , featuring King Zhoser’s step pyramid, constructed by Imhotep, the pharaoh’s chief architect in 2700 BC, this was the template for all future pyramid construction.

Aerial view of Cairo Nile

Day 3: Cairo

Today early we drive into the western desert to visit the Valley of Whales, famed for the discovery of petrified primitive whales skeletons, shark teeth, shells and roots of Mangroves preserved in soft rocks. Everywhere you go here you find petrified sea shell and corals. We continue on to Egypt's largest salt water lake called lake Qaroun, for a felucca ride. Returning to the city in the evening.

King Tutankhamen's mask

Day 4: Cairo

This morning we venture to old Islamic Cairo and the Egyptian Museum, home to the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. Arguably the most famous exhibit is the stunning solid gold funerary mask of the boy-King Tutankhamen. An entire gallery is devoted to the treasures unearthed by Howard Carter at Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922.

Valley of the Kings

Day 5: Cairo - Luxor

Transfer from your hotel in Cairo to the airport for your flight to Luxor . After your arrival transfer and some free time to freshen up, we visit the magnificent Temple of Karnak. More than a temple, it’s a gigantic and stunning complex of sanctuaries and pylons dedicated to the Theban gods. This evening we visit the beautifully illuminated Luxor temple where you can enjoy a guided explanation of the site and some free time to explore.

Entrance to a tomb

Day 6: Luxor

Today is spent on the West Bank to visit the legendary Valleys of the Kings & Queens and Temple of Hatshepsut. The Valley of the Kings was constructed to house the regal sarcophagi-enclosed mummies of the mighty pharaohs, awaiting their passage into the after-life. Some of the best known tombs are those of Ramses II, Seti I, Amenhotep II and of course, the tomb of King Tutankhamen. In all, more than 60 tombs have been excavated.

Luxor by night

Day 7: Luxor

This morning we head out of town to explore Edfu. Having the distinction of being the largest and most completely preserved pharaonic, albeit Greek-built, temple in Egypt, the Temple of Horus at Edfu, dedicated to the falcon-headed god Horus, was one of the last monumental temples built on a large scale. After, we explore the waterside Temple of Kom Ombo then return to your hotel in Luxor by late afternoon.

View of the Nile through an arch

Day 8: Luxor

A glimpse into rural Egypt today with a drive out to see the temples of Dendera and Abydos, seeing rural villages/villagers whom still farm and dwell along the banks of the Nile. First stop is Abydos, where ancient Egyptians believed the Lord of the underworld was buried. We continue to Dendera which is dedicated to Hathor, goddess of love and joy. We return to Luxor in the evening.

Looking across the Nile

Day 9: Luxor - Hurghada

This morning we drive through to the desert to Hurghada. Arriving here, check into your hotel and relax.

Windsurfing in Dahab

Days 10-12: Hurghada

The next days are at your leisure. There are dive shops everywhere in Hurghada and even at the hotel so you can book and pay for diving locally according to your certification level.

Diving in Dahab

Day 13: Hurghada

Sadly your journey has come to an end, we will transfer you to the airport in time for your flight to Cairo to connect with your international flight back home.

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Luxor Temple at night


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