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Sample Itinerary - REF EGYPT 4275

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Pyramid at Giza

Day 1: Cairo

Welcome to Egypt! On arrival you we enjoy an orientation bus tour (around 16:00pm), if arriving early you will be taken to the hotel first. We visit the largest market in Africa the Khan El-Khali Markets before taking you to the hotel.

Close up of Sphinx

Day 2: Cairo

Today we visit Egypt's most loved sight - The Great Pyramids of Giza. We explore the Giza plateau, pyramids and massive lion-headed Sphinx. Later, we tour the dazzling antiquities at the Egyptian Museum. Amongst the many exhibits are the treasures of King Tutankhamen.

King Tutankhamen's mask

Day 3: Cairo

We tour Saqqara - an ancient necropolis with many half-buried tombs and the famous Zhoser’s step pyramid. Later today, we also tour Memphis City and Dahsur to see the Red and the Bent Pyramids.

Aerial view of Cairo Nile

Day 4: Cairo - Fayoum

Today, we visit El-Lahun to visit the workers village associated with the Pyramid of Senusret.

Day 5: Fayoum - Minya

In a region south of Minya know as Middle Egypt between Asyut and Memphis, we tour of Beni Hasan, an Ancient Egyptian Cemetery site.

Day 6: Minya - Sohag

Today, we visit an extensive Egyptian archaeological area: Tel El Amarna then drive onto Sohag.

Hieroglyphics and figures

Day 7: Sohag - Luxor

Today, we drive onto visit Dendara, also a extensive Egyptian archaeological area, then we cross the Nile to visit Temple of Abydos. Later today w transfer to Luxor today, home of the Valley of the King and Queens.

Valley of the Kings

Day 8: Luxor

The massive pair of statues known as the Colossi of Memnon are the first monuments you’ll see during our morning visit to the West Bank - home to the legendary Valley of the Kings and Queens. You’ll also see the colonnaded Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and visit the Deir El-Medina - the workmen's village, many workers and artists who created the royal tombs lived and were buried here. We also visit the Luxor Museum.

Entrance to a tomb

Day 9: Luxor - Nile Cruising

Today, we visit the Ramesseum, a memorial Temple of Pharaoh Ramesses and Medinet Habu (commonly known as Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III), one of the largest memorial Temples in Egypt. Also today a visit to Tombs of Nobles, which somprises a number of distinct areas on the West Banks of modern Luxor (Ancient Thebes). We board our Luxury Nile Cruiser todya and tonight, we visit the Luxor Museum, beautifully illuminated at night.

Luxor by night

Day 10: Nile Cruising

Today, we visit Karnak Temple dedicated to the Theban Gods and the greater glory of the Pharaohs. Anchors away this afternoon as we sail downstream to Esna and the Temple of Horus at Edfu.

Valley of the Kings

Day 11: Nile Cruising

Relax as we sail the Nile. Later today, we visit the Temple of Kom Ombo. Arrive Aswan late evening.

View of the Nile through an arch

Day 12: Nile Cruising

Today, we enjoy a short boat trip to Agilika Island for Philae Temple - dedicated to the goddess Isis. The temple dates from 4th century BC but the Ptolomies and the Romans up to 3rd century AD built most of the existing structures. In danger of being completely submerged by the rising water of Lake Nasser, in 1972 UNESCO stepped in and an 8-year rescue effort was undertaken to relocate the entire temple 20m higher on nearby Agilika Island. We also a visit the High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk.

Looking across the Nile

Day 13: Nile Cruising - Aswan

Disembarking our Nile Cruiser today enjoy a short flight down south to explore the temples of Abu Simbel , created to revere the mighty pharaonic ruler King Ramses II. Later today in Aswan, we visit the Nubia Museum where the history, art and culture of Nubia from prehistoric times to the present are showcased.

Kom Ombo

Day 14: Aswan - Alexandria

Today, we fly to Cairo (there is no direct flight Aswan to Alexandria), where you will be met and transferred to Alexandria.

Trajan's Kiosk, Philae

Day 15: Alexandria

Whilst in Alexandria, take a guided tour of the Roman catacombs - the largest known Roman burial site in Egypt, which were discovered accidentally in 1900 when a donkey disappeared through the ground. Also visit Pompeii’s Pillar, the impressive Library of Alexandria, to the Roman Theatre and the National Museum.

Alexander the Great

Day 16: Alexandria - Cairo

We drive North-west toward the Mediterranean coastline, to the World War II cemeteries of El Alamein. In 1942 the Allies under Britain’s field Marshal Montgomery halted the German- Italian advance towards the River Nile. Marked as a major victory for the Allies, though not without loss of life, with some 11,000 killed and 60,000 wounded. We visit the Commonwealth cemetery and recently erected memorials funded by the Australian and New Zealand governments. Through the arches and beyond the gardens, 7,000 white headstones commemorate the Australian, New Zealand and British soldiers who fought and died. Stopping for a light lunch, we continue onward to Cairo.

Fort Qaitbay, Alexandria

Day 17: Cairo

Departure transfer to the airport.

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