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Feluccas are simple sailboats that have plied the Nile since ancient times. Our feluccas sail from Aswan to Edfu (south of Luxor) and occasionally in the reverse direction, taking in the colourful sights of the Nile village life en route. The sailors prepare included meals aboard. Relaxing under the shade of the canopy, you can top up your tan in the sun, share evenings with newfound friends and finally bed down under a blanket of stars, after whiling away another leisurely day.

For the 2-night cruise, we have an afternoon departure from Aswan sailing north, with our overnight stop along the western shores of the river Nile. We have the option to walk to explore a local Nubian house and have a campfire in its surrounds. Dinner is served back on our felucca. The next day is for relaxation as the felucca plies its route, arriving at nearby Kom Ombo Temple to moor for the evening. On day 3, disembarkation at Kom Ombo temple. We travel by coach northbound toward Luxor stopping at Edfu and visiting the Temple of Horus enroute.

NOTE: As feluccas are wind-powered, our itinerary cannot be rigidly defined. In addition, there are no WC facilities aboard. The felucca sails during the day and prior to sundown, the anchor is dropped and the craft moored at the riverside for the night. The craft carries between 8-12 passengers comfortably and the deck is strewn with soft colourful cushions and rugs and equipped with a canopy that offers shade and protection from the elements. Please bring a sleeping bag.

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Felucca Cruise Tours

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