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Marsa Matrouh stands some 240 km west of Alexandria, along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, on the main highway from the Delta to the Libyan border. Its main function these days is to serve as a getaway resort for Egyptians eager to flee the capital in the sweltering summer months. The beach is famous for its white soft sands and calm, clear water. The protected bay has a small opening to allow smaller boats in. 

The beach dates back to the days of Alexander and it is said that he stopped there during his historical expedition to pay tribute to the god Amun. There are ruins of a temple from the time of Rameses II. During World War II, the British Army's Baggush Box was located to the east. During this period, Marsa Matrouh was the terminus for a single-track railway which passed through El Alamein.

Sightseeing includes the Egyptian Fleet Anchorage, built the Ptolemies, the remains of the naval installations still stand west of the port. The Coptic Chapel, from the early Coptic age, contains several caves bearing inscriptions. Rommel's Hideout is a cave, hewn in the rock, where Rommel drew up plans of his military operations. It has now been turned into a military museum.

Marsa Matrouh Tours

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