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About Nuweiba

Nuweiba is a less developed resort on the coast of South Sinai. The northern part, consists of a thick grove of palms, a shallow bay and the ruins of a Turkish fort. The well inside the ruins has served the Bedouins as a fresh water source for centuries. Tarabin is known for its lively atmosphere. Bedouin style restaurants run along the beach, perfect for lazing in.

The town is built around the former Moshav Neviot, which was established during Israeli occupation in 1971. It was significant as a marker for the tribal boundary between the Tarabin tribe in the north and the Muzeina tribe in the south.

Originally Nuweiba port was the summer location for the Muzeina tribe. It was a sparsely inhabited oasis, which came only into life in the late summer, when the Muzeina flocked to the palm groves to pick dates. The thriving trade encouraged the Muzeina clan to settle.

With the construction of the port in 1985 trade business between Egypt and the Arab countries on the other side of the Gulf of Aqaba increased. A highway was built through the mountains connecting mainland Egypt with the Sinai Peninsula. Egyptians from all over the country came to live in Nuweiba as work flourished. Homes and schools were built, shops and business centers opened and the first hotels were established.


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