Indra Jatra Chariot Festival - Kathmandu

Indra Jatra Chariot Festival - Kathmandu

Attend Indra Jatra Chariot Festival celebrating the capture of Indra (the Aryan god of rain) in the Kathmandu valley. This special festival is dedicated to honouring the dead and serving as an homage to the gods in preparation for the coming harvest season.

After Indra's capture, his mother Dagini promised to cover the fields in dew over the coming months and take all the recently deceased back to heaven with her in return for his release. Sounds like a pretty good deal! To celebrate, locals erect a long pole outside the Hanuman Dhoka after carrying it via the local parade ground. Images of Indra as a captive are also displayed, goats and chickens are sacrificed and the scary visage of Seto Bharab is revealed to allow it to watch over proceedings. Sounds a bit gruesome, but things liven up a bit once the chariot procession makes its way to the face of Seto and beer begins to pour from his mouth! Those who manage to get a sip are guaranteed good fortune, and one reveller also gets the small fish which has been put into the beer, will have especially good luck. Dates for 2014 have yet to be confirmed.

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